Editorial Board

Shannon Brown, Editor-in-Chief
Joseph Encinas, News Editor
Jenna Fischer, Opinion Editor
Emma Devitt, Arts & Entertainment Editor 
Ethan Helms, Student Life Editor
Bianca Sanborn, Sports Editor

Tommy Call lll, Sports Editor
Sara Wildman, Photo Editor
Rene De Amaral, Copy Editor
Rachael Newman, Copy Editor
Hailee Zastrow, Advertising Director
Sarah Fishback, Distribution Director
Julia Albo, Editorial Cartoonist
Paul Gullixson, Faculty Adviser

Staff Writers

Trevor Abrams, Travis Adams, Alexis Austin, 

Phil Baculik, Taylor Berghoff, Analy Bravo, Karlee Budge, 

Amanda Buth, Ronald Campos, Francisco Carbajal, 

Braden Cartwright, Sara Citti, Sean Curzon, Amira Dabbas, 

Gerard Desrosiers, John Dolan, Sam Evans, Noe Felix, Annie Finck, 

Kitana Gachero, Nate Galvan, Charlotte Grayson, Kendall Grove, 

Kaitlyn Haga, Tyler Heberle, Naaman Hightower, Nickey Homen, 

Lucy Lopez, Madison Muro, Jared Nunes, 

Samantha Olyer, Alex Randolph, Marcella Richmond, 

Christopher Schwarz, Tatiana Serrano, Andrea Sims, Sierra Straub, 

Noah Treanor, Jenna Qualls


Perla Alvarez, Megan Corcoran, Bryce Dowd, Reagan Dowd, 

Lindsey Huffman, Jeno Veltri

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The STAR is published every Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters. Printing is done by Healdsburg Printing. The weekly publication of the STAR is made possible by Instructionally Related Activities Funding.


Opinions expressed in the STAR are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the STAR or SSU. The editorial reflects the views of the STAR Editorial Board on issues it considers to be of particular relevance to the campus community.

Letters to the Editor

Letter writers may expect prompt publication in the newspaper’s op-ed section, as space is available. Letters of up to 500 words will be allowed and must be submitted no later than the Friday before the publication date. Published letters must be free of libel, since the publication is held legally accountable for all content. Although personal controversy will be tolerated, it is the responsibility of the editor to check statements purporting the facts. The STAR reserves the right to refuse publication to any letter and to edit for length. Letters must sign all contributions and the editor must verify the signer and the writer are one in the same through personal conference. To send a letter to the editor email