Not your typical ‘Family’ movie

The crowd enters the movie theater noisily. The smell of popcorn becomes overwhelming. The sound of people slurping their sodas and shaking their box of M &M’s in their popcorn for that sweet and salty mixture. Many begin to fumble around for their cell phones to quickly turn them off before the movie begins. Suddenly, mumbles fill the theater and immediately come to a stop as the lights become dim. 

Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer play the loving parents Giovanni and Maggie Manzoni. Dianna Agron and John D’Leo play Belle and Warren, Giovanni and Maggie’s children, in the new movie “The Family.” This is no ordinary family though. This family, known as the Manzonis, gets relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program for being known as a notorious mafia family. Each time the family is relocated, their first and last name is changed and they each have a different story to tell. Now the Manzonis become the Blake family.

Trying to fit in, the Blake family seem to be getting through their day-to-day lives with only a few bumps in the road. Everything seems to be going well for the family until their cover is blown again for the umpteenth time. As a dangerous mob comes in search of the family, they fight back hoping not to be killed in return. The quite French town doesn’t stay quiet for very long. BANG BANG BANG! The crowd’s eyes widen as shots are fired –the dead thrown into the back of a vehicle and slowly taken off to be thrown in a ditch somewhere unheard of. The mob movie begins. The family’s old habits return as they fight off those who have been in search of them for years. 

 This mob movie truly captures the audience in all areas. Laughter, tears, and maybe even shrieks of terror will have the audience sitting anxiously on the edge of their seats.

 This movie is a must see movie for all. I myself am not a “mob” movie type of person. Usually sticking to movies like The Harry Potter Series, “chick flicks,’ and Disney movies, one does not find me in a movie that has a lot of violence and blood. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this movie and I recommend it to all. While I did hide my face a few times, I enjoyed the movie more than I expected I would. 

I believe the audience will enjoy the story line of the movie. While there is violence that had me biting my nails, I could not stop laughing throughout the majority of the movie. I am very much a movie-goer, but even those who are not should see this movie. 

For those who enjoy a fast pace, action-oriented movie, this is a must see. The movie is not too gruesome, so those who do not enjoy blood are still able to see it. As mentioned, I am one of those people and I was able to get through it with a smile on my face. Not to mention, I had no nightmares. 

This movie is a great escape if one has already begun to stress over school. I recommend taking that break from the text book and seeing this movie that will have the whole school talking soon. After all, this distraction will be well worth it in the end.