Award-winning students give back

Some say music only leads to “treble,” but that’s not the case for these scholarship-winning performers. Parents and friends gathered at Sonoma State University on Friday afternoon for the Music, Theatre Arts and Dance Scholarship Showcase.

 The event was held in the newly opened Schroeder Hall of the Green Music Center at 2 p.m. The lights were dim, which created a romantic setting, and the theater was full of comfy chairs and audience members dying to see their loved ones on stage; Many works were performed on the stage: drama presentations and vocal pieces, as well as piano solos and dance presentations.  

The event was held so that students who were receiving scholarships could showcase their talents on stage for their families and friends to see. In between acts, the lights would dim and props and instruments would be moved on and off the stage. 

The whole event was organized and was even catered by student dining services at the end of the show. Every time an act would come on stage to perform they would bow, but not introduce themselves, since there was a program the audience could follow along with.

One of the first acts on stage was a drama presentation from the performers of “The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek.” The actors and actresses performed the first scene from the play, which was released earlier this month. 

After, there was a flute solo where Mercedes Castro played a couple of songs. 

The third piece was another drama presentation from “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde, which will open this week. Students Renee Hardin, Dominic Dei Rossi and Katee Drysdale, performed in the short act. There were a couple vocal solos done by Corynne Scott and Nora Griffin, both of whom had pianists play alongside them. One standout performance was the piano duo of Haruko Matsuda and Aaron Robinson, where they played in sync with each other and received a standing ovation. 

There was  a musical theater production where one artist performed, “Pirate Jenny” from the “Three Penny Opera.”  A trumpet solo came next from Zachary Hall and it was followed with a vocal duet with Allison Spencer and Rodrigo Castillo. 

Toward the end of the show there was a dance presentation that featured students Caitlin Colangelo, Emma Higgins, Farrah McAdam, Abigail Mytych, Jenny Novero and Carissa Pinnix. Last but not least was a jazz trio that ended the eventful afternoon of music.

All scholarship winners also received certificates and some received mini trophies that recognized they had been awarded scholarships for their talents.