Caillat’s uplifting new album

Singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat has made a huge splash with brand new album “Gypsy Heart.” Caillat was discovered on MySpace in 2007 for her song “Bubbly” and became the number one unsigned singer in the pop/folk-pop genre. 

She’s co-written songs for Hillary Duff as well as Taylor Swift. After seven years in the music industry, Caillat is in no way a new face in the pop genre. This album is a must listen to and it is much like the rest of Caillat’s previous work but well done nonetheless. 

Her new album has 45 minutes of pure bliss, and with 12 songs to catch your attention. Caillat recently got off the “Gypsy Heart” tour to promote the album. She also just recently performed at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on Sept. 20.

The first song on the album is called “Live it Up.” Some of the lyrics are, “I’m unstoppable, I drop kick impossible, I live it up, live it up I live it up.” The chorus lyrics are very catchy and they are a personal favorite on the album. 

Some of the music is a little slower, like the song “Try.” The lyrics are touching and sentimental: “Get your shopping on, at the mall, max your credit cards. You don’t have to choose, buy it all.” 

Many of Caillat’s songs really speak from the heart, “Try” talks about how one doesn’t need to get others to like them. Songs like this motivate the listener to be inspired by themselves. 

An absolute favorite on the album is called “Nice Guys.” It’s about how all the nice guys finish last because girls chase after the bad guys instead.

 “She’s blinded by a smooth talker telling her good looking lies. She hates but she loves it, she hates but she loves it,” are a sample of lyrics from the song. It’s pretty catchy and it sounds like a radio song, so hopefully fans will hear it soon on the top hits. 

One song that wasn’t quite a stand out was the song, “Land Called Far Away.” Though it was hard to pick a song that wasn’t a hit, this song goes on the bottom of the list for the album. The song is about how boys are distracting and being a princess in a land far away is just imaginary. 

“Run along little boy, you’re just distracting me. I’ve got things to learn and places I should be though I appreciate the way you feel for me. Truth is I’m miles away from feeling that kind of thing.”

There is a flurry of good quality songs on Caillat’s album. From slow to fast catchy songs, there is a good balance of music throughout. She released “Gypsy Heart (Side A)” in early June so that her fans had a chance to listen to the first five songs without having to listen to all the music at once.

The album was pieced together beautifully. With Caillat’s touching lyrics and majestic voice, it’s sure to be a hit. They might not be hits just yet, but the songs definitely show a lot of potential for the upcoming months. “Gypsy Heart” makes one want