‘Vampire Diaries’: More mystery

Grief associated with the mourning of death is the focus of the season six premiere of “The Vampire Diaries.” While some of the characters seemed to be moving on from the upsetting finale of season five, others had not adjusted that quickly.

Speaking of disappointment, last season’s finale left viewers on the edge of their seat grasping for an explanation. Bonnie (Kat Graham), along with the help of some other witches, was able to open up a portal to the “other side” where the rest of the gang was trying to save everyone who was stuck. The characters are all split up with different assignments in order to save everyone stuck in the other side and safely get them back. 

While Bonnie was able to allow many of the characters back to reality, both Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) did not make it back. Equally important, the impact of allowing all those bodies through her was Bonnie’s ultimate sacrifice for the season finale. 

Perhaps the only heartwarming moment of the last few scenes rested with Damon’s last (or so we thought) goodbye to Elena (Nina Dobrev) which could be described as sincere and fulfilled. The last scene showed Bonnie and Damon, hand in hand, facing the music.

The first episode of the sixth season begins right where the last season ended. Each character is dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. 

While Elena, by definition of the amount of horrible and somber things that have happened to her, should be curled up in a ball and crying her eyes out, “The Vampire Diaries” reminds how every person deals with grief in a different way.

 Elena has just lost the love of her life and her way of dealing seems to involve taking psychedelic drugs just to hallucinate Damon by her side again. Either way, she is ignoring reality in many ways and could also possibly be a danger to the citizens of Mystic Falls.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) has chosen to deal with his grief by running away from it. While the other characters think that he has been searching for a way to connect with Bonnie and Damon again, the truth is revealed that he has given up hope. 

As one of the leads in the show that other characters look to for the next move, Stefan does nothing but disappoint the ones that need him the most.

Caroline has also chosen a passive reaction to the grief by hiding behind picnics with her mother, Sheriff Forbes, just outside the town limits. She plays the role of narrator at the end of the episode as a way to set the scene for viewers. However it seems that in past season she was intricate in bringing characters back together. 

Many of the other characters have taken up new hobbies such as football, teaching and working in the neighborhood watch. One thing is certain; everyone is avoiding the reality of the situation. These Mystic Falls vampires can’t even set foot in their own hometown.

The episode leaves viewers with two reasons to watch the rest of the season. First, as a last act of desperation and heartbreak, Elena asks Alaric to compel her to forget she ever loved Damon. Second, the final moments of the episode showed a kitchen table filled with pancakes and newspapers occupied by two characters that viewers never thought they would see again.  Perhaps for these vampires, nothing is certain. Not even death.