Fans see another side of One Direction

You are probably wondering what the hype is about the latest boy band around, One Direction. If you are as curious as I was, you can take an inside look into who they are and what their music sounds like by going to watch their new movie “One Direction: This is Us.” 

Let’s be honest, there is always a boy band that comes around and every teenage girl dreams of marrying one of them and living a glamorous lifestyle. That boy band right now is One Direction. 

Whether you are fan of Harry’s dimples, Zayn’s mysterious eyes, Louis’ humor, Liam’s voice or Niall’s personality, there is at least one that will catch your attention. 

The five talented guys from the U.K. all met during the hit TV show “The X Factor.” Although they tried out individually, they later were placed in a group together to later form One Direction. 

Their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” rose to the top of the charts, eventually making them a huge threat on the Billboard Charts. 

Their catchy tunes are being played on the radio daily and you can never flip through a magazine without seeing a picture of them. 

I attended a screening of their new movie “One Direction: This is Us” and I didn’t have many expectations, but with a room filled with screaming 13 year-old girls I knew this was going to be an experience. 

As the lights dimmed, all we hear are the wonderful British accents as the boys start to talk about their childhood. 

As the movie goes on, we get an inside look into their lives and where they come from. 

All but one of the guys are from England, while Niall is from Ireland. It’s crazy to see how their lives have changed from working in a bakery to selling children’s toys at Toys R’ Us.

Of course we get to experience being at one of their concerts while they serenade the camera and the audience goes crazy. Their hits throughout the concert include the party anthem “Up All Night,” slow love song “Little Things” and the classic hit of “What Makes You Beautiful.” As the guys perform, everyone sees the instant chemistry and their quirky dance moves to say the least. 

I actually enjoyed the movie overall. I went in not knowing too much about One Direction expect for what I hear on the radio. 

I enjoyed how the movie showed not only them performing and on tour, but also invited us to take a look where they are from and who they really are. 

Not only is One Direction on tour, but they are simultaneously making music for their next album. 

Traveling across continents 10 months out of the year, they are constantly on the move and play shows at least five times a week. 

Throughout this movie we are with them on this crazy journey night and day. Although they are traveling for work, there is always a way to sneak in some fun. 

Whether it be dressing up in disguises and greeting their fans or even just running around the venue riding a golf cart. They are just your average 19 to 21-year-olds who just happen to be traveling around the world making music.

One Direction has made their mark on the hearts of teenage girls and the whole world. Song by song they have climbed the charts and are slowly making history. They are taking the world by storm branding everything from lunchboxes, toothbrushes and t-shirts. As for what’s next for these boys from across the pond, we will just have to wait and see.