Franz Ferdinand gets it ‘Right’

Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand released their groovy new album, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” this past week.

Franz Ferdinand is composed of lead singer Alex Kapranos, guitarist Nick McCarthy, bassist Robert Hardy and drummer Paul Thomson who have been together since 2003. 

Their band name alone is amusing and even without knowing their musical style it speaks volumes about what they set out to do. 

Franz Ferdinand was once an archduke of Austria, whose death many can argue caused the first World War. The statement they make with naming their band after such a figure shows how revolutionary they too aspire to be with their music.

And revolutionary they have been since their forming. They first grabbed the public’s attention with their single “Take Me Out” in 2004 and have continued to be a presence with singles such as “Do You Want To” in 2005 and “Ulysses” in 2009. 

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions” keeps that same dance-rock vibe reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s that exists in all of their music with this album. With only 10 songs on the album it felt short and at the same time the perfect amount for how the album flowed overall.

The songs are ones best listened to when cruising around town or for energetic party atmospheres, which makes them a perfect band to simply jam to. 

One of their singles, “Right Action,” is the first song on the album that also begins the high tempo throughout it.  With the repetition of the lyrics “right thoughts, right words, right action” it not only makes it known that yes, the album is named after the song, but it can also be a code to follow in a relationship. 

“Right Action” had this upbeat tune, but at the same time it had lyrics like “come home/ practically all is forgiven” and “sometimes I wish you were here/weather permitting” which suggests longing and wanting to repair; a right thought if not a right word or action. 

The second single on the album was “Love Illumination” that had the most ‘60s classic rock sound with the electric guitar playing in the background and the ideals of “sweet, sweet, love” being the main focus of the song.

While the faster paced songs did make me want to dance, one of my favorite songs from the album was a calmer sounding one called “Fresh Strawberries.” 

It seemed like a more personal and sentimental song comparing the human soul to fresh strawberries. How it can turn “rotten” and “wouldn’t it be easy with something to believe in?”

Another song with thought-provoking lyrics that also became a favorite of mine was “The Universe Expanded.” Besides it also being a slower paced song, it had a psychedelic sound and was a song about finding people again “when the universe has expanded.”

It was relatable, especially with lyrics like “I’ll meet you coming backwards” and “we’ll part as happy strangers” because it’s just like meeting someone new, having a good relationship with them, then not seeing them for a long time. “The Universe Expanded” embodies feelings one would hope to feel at an eventual reunion.

Franz Ferdinand is a band for anyone who can appreciate lively energy with a side of melancholy. Songs with some sharp wit and yet an easy going vibe to them as well.

 “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” may have a more classic influence, but Franz Ferdinand still managed to entertain their listeners and keep true to their roots that first got everyone rocking out to “Take Me Out.”