‘Interstellar’: Less than satisfying

Interstellar wasn’t as stellar as it has been hyped up to be. The sci-fi movie, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, had aspects that made it interesting and intriguing, but many parts were confusing and the movie seemed to drag on. 

Nolan, who has directed numerous box office hits such as “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Night” and “Inception,” did not quite live up to his previous films. 

Overall, “Interstellar” had a fascinating storyline, but its portrayal wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

The movie stars Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, an adventure-seeking former NASA test pilot and engineer-turned farmer ,who is trying to save the world from rapid extinction. Earth is no longer able to sustain humanity because all crops have become destroyed by blight and continuous dust storms.

He reconnected with NASA and agreed to team up with them in their search for a way to continue the human race for generations to come, even though it means leaving his daughter Murphy – known as “Murph” (Mackenzie Foy), son Tom (Timothée Chalamet) and father-in-law Donald (John Lithgow) behind for an unforeseeable amount of time. 

Murph has an especially hard time with this because she and her father are very close. Nevertheless, Cooper still decided to leave abruptly without really sitting his children down and explaining the serious implications that come with him leaving, such as the possibility of not being able to see them again for decades. 

The head astronauts and scientists at NASA inform Cooper there is a wormhole that has been discovered and the only chance humanity has for survival is by travelling in a spaceship through the wormhole to inhabit a new planet and leave Earth behind forever. 

They believe there are beings somewhere in the galaxy that have been communicating with them to help the humans find a place to colonize.

Cooper agreed to pilot a spacecraft called “Endurance,” which will follow the previously conducted Lazarus mission. The mission called for a number of smaller one-man ships to be sent to various new planets through the wormhole in order to determine which is most suitable for humans to live on. After the ship takes off, Cooper has numerous life-threatening experiences with his NASA crew members, which consist of some big-name actors such as Anne Hathaway and Matt Damon.

Nolan captured the scenes of the movie with excellent film work, sound work, graphics and effects, since the entire film was shot with IMAX. 

The parts of the movie set in outer space were especially noteworthy to watch and made one feel as though they were actually in the movie experiencing everything with the characters.

Although “Interstellar” was full of incredible and imaginative sci-fi scenes that captivated the audience, there were many confusing inconsistencies with the plotline and characters. 

Earth is facing a food shortage dilemma, yet there is enough money to fund space trips to other galaxies with the hopes of moving every person on the planet out there. 

All that money could instead be used to help solve the food crisis, which would be a much simpler solution. 

Certain events occurred in the movie that were unexplained, which made it difficult to follow at times. Many pointless and dragged-out scenes inside the spaceship could have been cut down so there would be less unexciting parts and the film wouldn’t be so long. 

There were also scenes that were greatly built-up to be enormously dramatic and emotional, but the characters almost acted the opposite way, which was disappointing.

“Interstellar” is a thrilling, challenging and cerebral film, but tends to leave the viewer a bit dismayed.