Trapt is ‘Reborn’ with latest album

If you are unfamiliar with the band known as Trapt there could be several reasons why. You’ve either never heard their hit song “Headstrong” or you simply aren’t into hard rock and alternative metal. Or maybe you just don’t listen to local music stations on the radio. 

Regardless of your acquaintance to this band, they have proven that despite never being able to capture more success than their first album had garnered, that this time around they have made a step towards the right direction. 

The band has been saving up and preparing this album, “Reborn,” for over several years. Let’s hope their patience and efforts have paid off and listeners will find something special within their artistic abilities.

After multiple listens, the album stood out as having a good overall flow, with heavy, emotional lyrics to keep it intact. Almost every track feels like it belongs and fits with the energy being expressed; a fluid and powerful tonality is noticed. 

The opening three songs are definitely where the real strength of the album rests. The lead track, as well as the album’s first single is “Bring It,” which features a forceful chorus that supports the buildup of the verses well. This might be the catchiest song on the album. 

Our number two is titled “Love Hate Relationship” which thrives on commanding hooks and a chorus that can be interpreted in several different ways depending on the listener’s experiences. Both of these pieces are great introductions that help the rest of the collection flow.

Third on the list is a song titled “Experience” and is also a personal favorite. Greatly strengthened guitar riffs lead into lyrics about a need to let go and take risks for a life that is worth living. 

This one might send out that involuntary feeling to raise the volume and pick up the true emotion being conveyed. 

The halfway point approaches when we reach the fifth track in line, titled “Livewire (Light Me Up)” which comes across as the weakest song by far. With a dull chorus and overall lyrical value, this one just doesn’t fit well with the structure of the album.

It may take a while to recover from the fifth track, as the next few songs seemed to slowly find their balance again before eventually reaching the best song of the entire album. 

Ninth on schedule we hear “Too Close,” which I’d suggest to anyone who simply enjoys music with strong lyrical content and an emotional response in the message. 

A surprising gem that stands out for Trapt where one can sense their growth over time. 

Sample lyrics, “I can tell by the look on your face / That it’s time for you to make an escape / It’s my mistake, it’s my mistake I never listen when you say,” really set the chorus in motion and the verses that follow.

Fans of Trapt can breathe a sigh of relief as this album has definitely shown that they may have “Reborn” or better yet reinvented themselves in a number of ways. 

The songs as a whole flow throughout and are worth repeating multiple times before becoming burned out. 

To wrap things up, the album is worth the buy as new listeners will find it appealing and loyal fans can be pleased to know that Trapt has released possibly their best album to date.