New Swift: Less country, more pop

Taylor Swift traded in her country twang for a pop beat. In Swift’s new album, “1989,” she channels a soft-pop sound. She has come a long way since her first self-titled album in 2006. Over the years, Swift has changed and developed her sound from Nashville country roots to conquering the pop industry.

The fact Swift can start her musical career in one genre, and then develop as a pop star, is an incredible statement to the artist Swift is; how she can produce music in multiple musical genres and be successful at it. Like her previous albums, Swift sings about love, heartbreak and romance.

Swift’s first single off the new record, “Shake It Off,” remains the No. 1 song on iTunes, which became popular very quickly, sparking parody videos including a memorable one of Delta Sigma Psi fraternity.

This is Swift’s fifth and most successful record-breaking studio album. In its first week of being released, it sold 1.3 million copies. The album is No. 1 on iTunes, and was instantly popular in its first week of release.

This is Swift’s third album in a row that has sold more than 1 million copies in its opening weekend. The previous record-holder is Brittany Spears and her album, “Oops! I Did It Again.”

Swift’s album is expected to have the largest sales week for any album since Eminem’s 2002 album, “The Eminem Show.”

The first song on the album, “Welcome to New York,” is a pop anthem referencing the famous city of New York but also used as a metaphor for Swift’s change of sound. The chorus of the song describes this metaphor: “It’s a new soundtrack. I could dance to this beat, beat. Forevermore.”

“Blank Space” is a hip-hop love song. This song encourages Swift’s reputation as being a heartbreaker and writing songs about love and heartbreak. The chorus warns about heartbreak: “Got a long list of ex-lovers. They’ll tell you I’m insane. ‘Cause you know I love the players. And you love the game.”

All the songs on the album are work well, however a few favorites would include “Style,” “I Wish You Were Here” and “Out Of the Woods.”

“Style” is about love and timeless fashion. This track is rumored to be about Swift and her on-and-off romantic relationship with Harry Styles from One Direction. “I Wish You Would” has a great beat and emphasis on the guitar , which continues to build tempo.

The last song on the record is “New Romantics.” The song was inspired by a 1970s band called the New Romantics and is another song about heartbreak. The chorus of the song celebrates this idea of new romance: “Baby, we’re the new romantics. Heart break is the national anthem. We sing it proudly.”

Taylor Swift’s “1989” is the first album of the year scheduled to officially go platinum last week.