McCartney is all ‘New’

Paul McCartney is once again back in the studio, and dropped his “New” album on Oct. 14. 

The English musician, composer, and singer-songwriter has been in the music industry since the 1960’s, and has had a total of 60 gold albums around the world.

“New” is McCartney’s 24th studio album since leaving the Beatles. 

“It’s a new single and it’s going to be the title of the new album too, and everything’s new baby,” said McCartney in an interview with radio station WXRT. 

The lead single, “New” gives a nostalgic feeling to McCartney’s past, with beats similar to when McCartney was a legendary Beatle. 

“I imagine going to the show as an audience member and I think, what would I like to hear him do?” said McCartney in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. 

McCartney collaborated with four different producers including Paul Epworth and Mark Ronson, who are famous for working with artists such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.

“I worked with all of them and decided that I loved them all and didn’t want to choose one of them,” said McCartney in an interview with NPR music.

There are various verses in McCartney’s album that are reminiscent of his past relationships and friendships. 

In the song entitled “Early Days,” McCartney sings, “Made sweet memories of friends from the past / Always comes to you, when you look for them / And your inspiration love may have last.” 

“So many times I will have people tell me what I did when I was younger. There [has been] so much written about the early Beatles period,” said McCartney in an interview with NPR music. 

McCartney wrote this song to tell everyone exactly what happened in his early career when John Lennon and McCartney were young and starting out.  

Another track on the album, “Alligator,” employs aggravated lyrics and tones that express McCartney’s feelings that no matter how successful you are, in your head there is someone better than you.

“I’m often reading a magazine and hearing about someone’s new record and I think, Oh, boy, that’s gonna be better than me,” said McCartney in an interview with NPR music. 

McCartney recently played a show this past summer at Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. 

“I never expected to be appreciated by younger audiences,” said McCartney in an interview with WXRT radio station. “But what you find now is people my age are bringing their kids, and then those people are bringing their kids, and we’ve got a few generations going now. And it’s brilliant.” 

A more romantic song on the album is “Looking at Her” which has simple verses in order to emphasize the wild chorus that reflects the craziness McCartney feels about “losing his mind” over a girl. 

“People always say ‘Why don’t you retire or something? And I say, look, if I retired, I’d still be doing exactly what I do: I would write songs,” said McCartney in an interview with WXRT radio station. 

 For fans, McCartney’s album will be a treat due to the Beatles vibe it gives off throughout the entire album. 

But that is not to say all ages can’t enjoy “New” since it is a more modern rendition of McCartney’s past hits. 

The album is definitely worth listening to. Although having four different producers may make the album seem a bit scattered, the lyrics are truthful and present a story that McCartney has wanted to tell.

Sir Paul has once again shown the world that he is not done making music, even at age 71. The 14-track album can be purchased on iTunes.