An ancient flunk

Get ready for blood, guts and poor decisions. It looks like another horror movie has hit the box office, and as usual it is full of clichés, pop up scares and people constantly stating the obvious.

 “The Pyramid,” directed by Grégory Levasseur, was released in theaters nationwide On Friday. Though it was poorly advertised, many people showed up to see the film in the search for something scary.

This film is made to look as though it is based on a true story of how a father and daughter team of archeologist discover a new pyramid in the summer of 2013 near Cairo, Egypt. Alongside them are a documentary film crew and a robotics engineer. 

Together they enter the pyramid in search for their lost rover, as the connection was disrupted and they were no longer able to see what was inside.

Denis O’Hare plays the know-it-all father and archeologist who tries to lead everyone out of the pyramid, while warning everyone about the dangers inscribed on the walls. Ashley Hinshaw plays the “hot” archeologist daughter and had the great idea of going into the pyramid, all because her pride got the best of her. James Buckley is the cameraman and lovable sidekick who is constantly terrified but tries to put on a brave face. 

Christina Nikola plays the documentary host who seems to be followed by bad luck everywhere she goes. And last but not least, Amir K stars as the robot nerd and love interest of Hinshaw. 

Together, the group embarks on scary adventure and gets a lot more than they bargained for once inside the hidden pyramid.

Like any other scary movie, at first the group is amazed at what they have found. Once they delve further and further into danger and things start to go wrong, they turn on each other, but are forced to stick together out of sheer terror.

Aside from the bad computer-generated imaging and cheap scare tactics by overuse of suspense, this movie is also full of bad acting. Hinshaw lacks acting skills and does not do a good job of making the audience believe that she is an archeologist. 

O’Hare also does a bad job playing a believable farther and archeologist as he acts awkwardly the whole movie. Supporting actors Buckley and Nikola did a better job acting than the main characters.

Though this film is supposed be shot like a regular film, but it tends to act like a found footage film during many points, resulting in shaky video that will make one feel as though they are watching “Cloverfield.” 

Although it seems like the writers and director really tried to make this a good film, they clearly failed. 

“The Pyramid” is just another one of those films where something incredible is discovered and an unwise group of people decides to run in and explore without considering the dangers that could be lurking around. So if one is not of fan of movies such as “The Cave” or “The Descent,” then this movie is not for you.