Blind marriage gets a TV show

Six people, three marriages, and one social experiment turned into a TV show called “Married at First Sight.”

The premise of the show is to have contestants interview with a sociologist, sex therapist, psychologist and a spiritual advisor. These specialist ultimately find the contestants a perfect match. 

This show brings arranged marriages to the next level by having the contestants marry a perfect stranger. The first time they meet their spouse-to-be is as they are walking down the aisle.

Throughout the first season of the show, the couples faced many obstacles. There were couples who were not attracted to their matches, couples who felt the pressure of having sexual relations the night after they just met and couples who felt no pressure at all. 

The experts worked with each couple to try and resolve issues that came up in the relationships. The couples were required to move in together like any married couple.

The season finale of the show concluded on Tuesday. After 10 episodes and four weeks of marriage, the couples had to decide whether they were going to get divorced or stay married.

The first couple, Monet and Vaughn, were immediately sexually involved with each other but the emotions were lacking and they fought throughout the season before starting to make things better in the finale.

The second couple, Jason and Cortney, was both very dedicated to each other throughout the season. However, in the final episode, Cortney was still questioning whether Jason could open up to her and was ultimately unsure if he wanted to continue the marriage.

The third couple, Jamie and Doug, had some rough spots from the beginning of the marriage because Jamie didn’t find Doug attractive, but since then she slowly fell in love with him (at least until he lied to her). 

The pressure was on to make a decision for the season finale. The producers aired the best and worst moments for each relationship. After, the couples talked and met with the experts, they made their final decisions.

Doug and Jamie were the first to talk with the experts. They both talked about how they had many obstacles to go. The couple was not in love and had not had any sexual relations though they did care about each other. Doug decided he wanted to be with Jaime. A more hesitant-looking Jaime said that they would continue their marriage. 

The second couple to go was Vaughn and Monet. They both realized that they might not have known what they were asking the experts to give them and decided to get divorced.

The third couple was Cortney and Jason. They both talked about how they really cared about each other but are still young and are unsure of where the relationship will go. Cortney and Jason decided to stay married. 

Out of three  marriages, two came out of the experiment happily married and now experts feel they might have found a third option for hopeless singles.