‘November Man’: action-packed and predictive

“November Man” begins with CIA agent Peter Devereaux (played by Pierce Brosnan) telling his apprentice David Mason (played by Luke Bracey) to never have an intimate relationship.  “If you feel the need for a relationship, get a dog,” said Devereaux. Devereaux shows Mason where a man has been spying on him in a café to prove his point that intimacy is a danger to those he loves and himself. Devereaux and Mason go on a mission where they are assigned to protect an ambassador. Devereaux disguises himself as the ambassador to protect the real ambassador. Devereaux takes several bullets but survives due to his bulletproof vest and Mason kills the gunman that tries to kill Devereaux. Unfortunately in the process of killing the gunman, Mason killed a small child, which creates tension between Devereaux and Mason. 

The scene changes with Devereaux at his café where he is retired and enjoying the life of no longer working as a CIA agent. Hanley (played by Bill Smitrovich), Devereaux’s friend, convinces him to come out of retirement and go to Moscow, Russia where he is assigned to retrieve an agent named Natalia Ulanova (played by Mediha Musliovic). Ulanova works for corrupt Russian President, Arkady Fedorov, (played by Lazar Ristovski) and is undercover as his employee to retrieve all his secrets. Ulanova takes photos of Fedorov’s entire inner circle, and then heads to the United States Embassy. Fedorov quickly figures out that Ulanova is a spy and sends her henchmen to kill her. Ulanova gets into a getaway car with Devereaux and right before they can make it to safety, Mason is ordered by his superiors to kill her. 

Devereaux became outraged when Ulanova is killed. In return, he killed several men working for his own side. Devereaux was not able to pull the trigger on Mason. Right before Ulanova died, she tells Devereaux about a girl, Mira, that had information on President Arkady Fedorov. Devereaux begins a quest to find Mira, but Devereaux learned that the last person to see her was  Alice Fournier (played by Olga Kurylenko). Fedorov then sent an assassin to kill Fournier, who escaped with Devereaux’s help. Devereaux brought Fournier with him to not only save her life but to use her to help locate Mira.  Mason tracked down Devereaux and attempted to kill him but Devereaux eluded him with a car explosion at the last minute.

Devereaux stumbled on to a secret from an associate of Fedorov’s inner circle. He revealed the truth of why Fedorov was killing most of his close associates. Devereaux found out that Fedorov, his friend Hanley and the United States Government were all part of a bombing that started the Chechen War.

Devereaux found out that Mira was really Alice Fournier in disguise. Fourier went to Fedorov’s hotel room disguised as a prostitute, where she tried to kill him. Her unsuccessful attempt almost got her killed, but Devereaux rescued her at the last minute. Devereaux got Fedorov to admit on camera that he and the United States Government were the ones who really bombed the building in Chechen.  Devereaux and Mason team up in the end to kill Hanley, one of the main villains in the film. In the end, Hanley reveals why Devereaux is called the “November Man,” “Because after he passed through, nothing lived.”