About ‘Last Night’

“About Last Night” brings an audience the experience of lots of laughter, tears and smiles. Focusing on the phases of love and friendship from the bar to the bedroom, this racy romantic comedy takes the audience on a journey of two couples that are best friends. 

This is a remake of the 1986 film of the same name, which was first adapted from the David Mamet play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago.” The 2014 movie followed in the footsteps of the original, but brought a modern twist to the two relationships.  Both focus on young couples dealing with issues of love in a big city.  

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall alternatively argue then hookup.  The movie begins with their first outing together, telling their best friends all the juicy details of what happened last night.

This movie will be satisfying for most college students due to the graphic and humorous details from both sexes of their latest hook-up. 

The cast of “About Last Night” was picked out perfectly where each actor played their part fully with what they were given. Hart reflects a vulgar attitude with the unruly Hall providing great humor through their dysfunctional relationship. 

What made the movie even more entertaining was how responsive and engaged the audience in the theater was. Everyone was laughing and commenting, which caused the rest of the audience to feed off the energy.

Although very crude at times, the movie was really entertaining and engaging.  What really sold me over was that at matinee the tickets for the movie at Reading Cinemas Rohnert Park 16 are only $5.75. As a college student on a tight budget any dollar that can be saved is enjoyed.  

Because the film debuted on Valentine’s Day, it was expected by viewers to be the typical sweet romantic comedy, but it definitely showed a raunchy side as well.  Hart was mainly the vulgar one, as he expressed his uncensored brain and made the audience consistently burst out into laughter.  He can effortlessly go from tears to ridicule faster than any other comic performer.

The duo Hart and Hall really give it their all with their shameless aggressive behavior as they both went outside of their comfort zones and really embraced their characters. They are a fiery couple that knows how to get under each other’s skin, making the audience constantly wonder if whether they are currently broken up or making up.  

All of the actors, including the best friends as well as the couples, had compelling chemistry that made the movie more entertaining and believable.  The lead actors worked well together and matched each other energy-wise, but Hart definitely made the film what it was.  Hart is an excellent comic who just plays off the energy of all the other actors. 

Although the plot doesn’t have much new material to offer when it comes to relationships, it still works as a great date movie as long as you do not mine the crude humor.  

Since it came out on Valentine’s Day, it’s rather predictable how things will end up. But on the most romantic holiday of the year, that seems to be what people want to see.  It was not too cheesy, but it did have some touches of lovey-dovey moments. 

While it didn’t win the top spot at the box office its opening weekend—it came in second place to “The Lego Movie” at $28.4 million—it was still the superior remake that weekend, beating out the “RoboCop” remake by $3 million.

Overall the movie was enjoyable, providing good laughs and some moments where the film pulled at your heartstrings.