Sonoma State gets ‘unplugged’

The chilled air was filled with the smell of cheesy pizza and hot chocolate Thursday evening. Sonoma State’s Associated Students Productions held the first “Sonoma State Unplugged” event on Thursday. It was held in the Alumni Amphitheater, located between Ives and the Student Center. 

The event began promptly after everyone had received a slice of free pizza. The stage was set with twinkling lights shining on an artist who was painting in the corner of the stage. The event consisted of two acts: singer/guitar-player, Angthelion, and a group of two guitarists, Michael and Andrew. 

Angthelion started the event singing both original songs as well as mash-up covers of hit songs. With guitar in hand, the performer sang melodies by Beyonce, Jhené Aiko and a few others. One of her original songs was called, “Carol (I Love You So),” which was inspired by the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” 

The STAR got an exclusive interview with Angthelion. She got involved with ASP after being heard at Open Mic Night at Lobo's the second semester of last year. 

 “My influences come from this band called the Internet and Tyler the Creator, because he doesn’t really care,” said Angthelion. “He makes music for himself and my plan is to make music for myself and hopefully people can connect to it.”

The sun set while the performers were playing and many passers-bye stopped to listen to the music. Many people stood in the back of the grass or sat on blankets while they cheered for each song. 

The second act featured two guitarists named Michael and Andrew. The two guitarists played together at the same time and they complimented each other nicely. One of the songs they played was “Iris,” by the Goo Goo Dolls. Other songs included a cover of “Sleepwalking,” by Bring Me to the Horizon, along with  “Daughters” by John Mayer. 

The group was very interactive with the audience. They asked how everyone’s day was going and tried to make everyone scoot forward to be closer to the stage. After the two-hour show, crowd dispersed into the dark campus. Sonoma State students can thank ASP for putting on a free mini concert and hopefully there will be more to come.