The dysfunctional family

A new heartfelt comedy about a dysfunctional family that has to stay together in the same house for days after a family member dies has just reached theaters. “This is where I leave you” starts off with Judd Foxman (Jason Bateman) finding his wife cheating on him with his boss. Shortly after this occurs, Foxman learns that his father has passed away and that he must leave for the funeral. 

Foxman goes to the funeral meeting with his mother, his brother Paul (Corey Stoll) and his sister Wendy (Tina Fey). Foxman’s other brother, Phillip (Adam Driver), makes it to the funeral at the last minute and makes an obnoxious appearance.  

Once the funeral is over, Judd’s mother (Jane Fonda) tells her children that their father had one last request for them to practice Shiva, a Jewish mourning ceremony. This meant they would stay together in the same house they grew up in for seven straight days. 

The family in this film definitely has their own issues but they overcome them throughout the movie with each other’s support. 

Wendy told a various amount of jokes and one of the very first was about her brother Paul. Paul’s family members told him that he needs to impregnate his wife Alice (Kathryn Hahn), who is Judd’s ex-girlfriend. 

Wendy says to Paul “you need to get your man parts checked because you may have emptied them. My room is next to yours.” The next scene is the audience seeing Judd’s mother talk about how she had sex with her husband on their very first date with her children begging her to stop telling the story. 

Later, Judd goes into the living room to see Paul and Phillip argue about who is going to run their dad’s business. Paul says he is the better candidate because their father left him half the business and Phillip “is only good at growing weed.”

After this event Wendy and Judd have a heart to heart talk about how he will sleep with Penny, a woman that has liked him since he was young. Then get back with his wife because he does not do complicated. Judd then has an epiphany that he has never taken chances in his life and that he has always taken the safest route. 

Judd’s mother takes all her children to Temple to mourn their father. During the ceremony, all her boys sneak away to an empty classroom to smoke the weed Judd found in his father’s jacket. All of the smoke sets off the fire alarm, soaking all three men and making the family have to leave the ceremony early.

Though the movie is very hysterical, it truly emphasizes how a family will stick together through several dramatic obstacles that can happen to anyone. 

While there have been several film in the past about dysfunctional families, audience members have said this film is hilarious and cute.