Talented students pack Lobo’s

There is no event that makes Lobo’s Pizza and Pub more packed than Live at Lobo’s: Open Mic Night event. The first Open Mic Night of the school year debuted on Wednesday.  Originally an Associated Student Productions event held at the Sonoma State’s old pizza venue, Ameci’s Pizza, Open Mic Night has been a tradition on the SSU campus for years. Open Mic Night is an opportunity for students to expose and explore their talents ranging from singing, stand-up comedy, playing the guitar and reciting poems. 

For the first Open Mic Night, a comedic stand-up performance by Camila Vasquez opened the show followed by students singing their own original songs and acoustic covers. 

With a lineup that consisted of nine performances, Lobo’s was packed to the brim. Students lined the aisles of every table and pressed into every open seat; an impressive audience for an event held in the middle of the week. 

With supporters for every performer cheering in the crowd, it was refreshing to see what kind of talent the students at Sonoma State could bring to the campus. The excitement in the air was contagious, with every student grinning ear to ear, singing along and nodding their heads to the beat of their favorite songs.  

At the beginning of each act, it was remarkable to see how each student prepared themselves for what they signed up to do in front of a large crowd composed of their peers. Some seemed at ease while others fidgeted with the strings on their guitars before taking a stand before their audience.

For sociology major Abel Cooper, deciding to sing in front of the crowd only 2 hours before the event began was probably the best preparation for his performance. “I was a little nervous, but I’m excited I actually went through with it.”

The crowd roared with applause after he finished singing covers of “Waiting on an Angel,” by Ben Harper and “Latch,” by Sam Smith. Although Cooper was a bit apprehensive about performing in front such an unexpectedly large crowd, it was not his first time performing in front of an audience. 

“I’ve been singing jazz since I was 9 years old, and I was also in jazz choir in high school,” said Cooper. “My entire family is pretty musical too, but my older brother Casey is my biggest inspiration.”

With Cooper playing guitar for only about a year, it was clear that he wowed the audience with their immaculate cheering and excited screams from his friends. 

Early Childhood Development major Shelby Green was just as amazed by Cooper and other performances by Dan Simon, Colin Chinn, and Rosa Martinez. It was her very first time at an Open Mic Night event and was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. “This is so awesome,” Green said. “I think the campus should support the arts more often with events like this.” 

Although every performance was impressive in her eyes, Green’s favorite performer was SSU student and YouTuber commonly known as “Seabass.” “Every time he sings, you can just hear the passion in his voice,” she said. “I also saw him perform at last year’s Pacific Culture Night, hosted by FAASU,” Green said.

After a couple hours of incredible performances by nine very talented students, the audience at Lobo’s was left with a light aura of comfort and contentment with each students’ voice filling their ears. 

Other familiar songs such as “Treasure,” by Bruno Mars and “That’s What You Get,” by Paramore echoed throughout Lobo’s and left the night one for the books.

Live at Lobo’s: Open Mic Night happens every first and third Wednesday of the month, so if you missed this one be sure to go to the next one on Sept. 17.