Free pizza, comedy at Pub

Last Thursday was the third and final installment of Free Pizza Comedy night for the semester at the Student Union Pub.

Students were invited to come for the free pizza and stay for the comedy, but before the show began at 8 p.m. it seemed that not all the free pizza in the world could lure more students in for the free show put on by the Associated Students Productions.

Slowly but surely more students trickled-in to the somewhat empty Pub, but it was still very apparent from the rows of empty seats and stacks of pizza boxes that the expected turnout was perhaps a little too optimistic. The audience didn't seem to mind, with bellies full of both cheese and pepperoni pizza, with assorted PepsiCo products to wash it down with.

The first opener was Mike Olson of Petaluma and right away it was apparent his brand of humor was certainly not for all ages. Dark and sometimes a bit offensive, Olson covered a variety of topics from inappropriate names for the star you bought on Star Registry, to what parking lot is the best when selling your baby for much needed meth money.

While Olson's set started strong, it slowly went downhill shortly after with the audience's silence being a good indicator at what jokes may have crossed the line and which ones they simply didn't find all that funny.

The second opener was Emma Haney and without a doubt she stole the show with her hilarious style of comedy. A resident of Penryn, Haney's set was very well-received and definitely a lot more relatable to not only the students, but the women in the crowd as well. Hitting on topics ranging from why men need lingerie for their testicles, to the benefits of hiding your pot in your pet's sweater, she definitely had a different perspective on things.

Haney left the stage to riotous laughter after ending her set on a "Star Wars" sex toy for women joke, where it would supply sound effects and phrases when turned-on, including "I am your father!"

The headlining act was Del Van Dyke, a local comedian from Sacramento who remembered visiting Sonoma State University back in the day. Right off the bat Van Dyke was confused as to what kind of institution SSU was exactly, fondly recalling it was named 'Granola State' back in the day.

While Van Dyke tried connecting to his younger audience, at times it seemed very awkward and forced. Some jokes fell flat, such as when he asked how many people in the audience had children and only one guy raised his hand. There was even a point when he almost asked everyone there where they were from, trying to think of one-liners off the top of his head.

Van Dyke wasn't a bad comic; he definitely had some jokes that really tickled the crowd, but in the end he reminded me of that funny uncle we all have, where he says some entertaining stuff followed quickly by some life advice for the young people in the audience. When it came to alcohol and weed, Van Dyke would always express concern and caution to young people partying too hard after telling his jokes.

"With the addition of our new Student Center we're going to be programing in the new Lobo's Pub, which is really exciting because we're getting kind of a feel for what type of comedians and what scale of show we can have in there," said Audrey Jarvis, sophomore and show runner of the Free Pizza Comedy events.

For any SSU students interested in taking a stab at comedy in the fall, start polishing your best material because the Associated Student Productions will be giving you the opportunity to entertain the crowds with your style of comedy.

"We are going to be doing open mic nights and different types of comedy nights next year in the new Student Center, so we'll have a whole different feel and vibe next year where it will be more student oriented and will be great for our community," said Jarvis.

So remember if you're looking for a free meal and some funny comedians for the low price of nothing, Free Pizza Comedy nights are going to keep your stomach full and your funny bone tickled pink next fall.