‘Frozen’ magical masterpiece

Just in time for the frigid winter season, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ hit “Frozen” did not disappoint viewers or the box office. Disney’s 3D animated musical “Frozen” had the best opening weekend for any Walt Disney animation film since “The Lion King.” 

“Frozen” broke the Thanksgiving weekend five-day record raking in $93.3 million, only to get beat by “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” which recorded a whopping $110.2 million in the same weekend.  

Disney’s “Frozen” is loosely based off of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” written in 1845.  Disney captures the beauty of “The Snow Queen” with its exuberant animation that have some people saying they feel like they are actually in a winter wonderland while watching the movie.  

This princess featured film does not lack comedic taste or an action packed adventure, making it great for all kids and families.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ biggest challenge was getting this movie appealing to males.  With two princesses as main characters, Disney was scared that it was going to be a dud at the box office just like “The Princess and the Frog” (2009).  But Disney’s team did a good job marketing the movie for all genders, as about 43 percent viewers were males in the opening weekend. 

Written and directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, these two put in a lot of work for “Frozen.” With help from the animation crew, marketing team, voice over actors and many more, “Frozen” was a definite success.  

In this Disney animated film, characters are in full range of emotion as many unfortunate events take place.  “Frozen” takes the whole audience on a snowy journey with mystical trolls, reindeer and more.  The two sisters’ feud cause a reaction that will surprise everyone. Not only does “Frozen” feature super powers, but it is also charming yet heroic making it a must see for young moviegoers. 

The plot thickened when Snow Queen Elsa eternally casted winter upon Kingdom Arendelle.  In reaction, the Snow Queen’s vivacious younger sister Anna teams up with an imperfect mountaineer named Kristoff and his reliant reindeer Sven to break the unjust spell.  Not to be forgotten, the snowman Olaf who tags along for the adventure and cracks witty jokes the whole time. 

The voice of the main character Anna was actress Kristen Bell, known as Sarah Marshall in comedic hit “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Idina Menzel, actress of Elphaba in the Broadway spectacular “Wicked,” is the voice for Elsa. Jonathan Groff is the voice of Kristoff and is also known for his work in “Spring Awakening” (2007). Lastly, Josh Gad known for appearing in “The Rocker,” “Love and Other Drugs” and “21” is the voice of Olaf.  

Not only does Disney rely on success at the box office for “Frozen,” but also at Disney theme parks.  Also, movie merchandise creates enormous revenue for Disney, especially during the holiday season for a film like “Frozen.”  

With Pixar and DreamWorks dominating the animation film industry in recent years, Disney’s animated films such as “Tangled,” “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Frozen” have helped put Disney back on the map.

Pixar Animation is known for hits such as the “Monsters Inc.” films, “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo” and many more.  

Out of Disney’s animated films “Tangled” (2010), “Wreck-It Ralph” (2012) and “Frozen” (2013) are in the top seven.  The other four films include “The Lion King” (1994), “Pocahontas” (1995), “Tarzan” (1999) and “Chicken Little” (2005).