Jesus Garcia and his six to 15 seconds of fame

Jesus Garcia, Sonoma State University sophomore and social media star has 29,000 followers on Vine.

The internet has opened up a whole new outlet to find entertainment and new celebrities. It has also opened a way for anyone to make said entertainment and become a celebrity. A rare example of this phenomenon can be found walking on Sonoma State University’s own campus: Jesus Garcia.

Garcia is a sophomore pre-business administration major. He is also an internet personality with close to 1 million followers on Instagram between his two accounts. Garcia makes Vines, which are six to 15 second videos published on an account that he has accumulated thousands of followers on under the name mrchuy0123. His videos are comedy shorts, mainly focusing on Latino culture.  

“I think people relate to them,” Garcia said of his Vines. Garcia wants to reach a wide audience. “I try to do videos not just for Latinos, but for a broad audience.”

When asked about where his ideas come from Garcia said, “When I’m out and about. Get them in my head and I write them down in my notes. If it makes me laugh, it goes up. If it doesn’t make me laugh I show it to some friends and if it doesn’t make them laugh it’s gone.”

Garcia says that trying to keep a regular schedule as a student can be tough. It can be tougher when you have thousands of subscribers to entertain as well.

“I try to do at least two videos a week. I try to do my work, if my assignment is just a worksheet, I can do it the next day. I can’t not do my videos.” said Garcia.

Garcia’s favorite Vines are the ones that he feels that his audience can relate to.“The Spanish ones; they relate to my life. If I’ve gone through it all, then they’ve gone through it.”

His Vines have even gotten him the attention of some big brands looking for new ways to advertise their products. He’s done work for Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. AT&T wanted to send him to Las Vegas to do something for the Latin Grammys, but he couldn’t go because he wasn’t 21, so he held a contest for one of his followers to go to the after party of the Latin Grammys.    

Garcia does get recognized time to time but not in person. He often gets Snapchat messages from fans.

“[I recieve] Snapchats from people who didn’t know I went [to Sonoma State.] People ask me if [Sonoma State]’s really cool.” Garcia likes Sonoma State’s campus. “I like what the school has to offer.”

He plans on moving to Los Angeles after he graduates in order to pursue his dream to be an actor. He hopes to use the promotions from brands to help build momentum.

“Vine is going to die soon, I’m moving to Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is going to be the new YouTube.” He thinks that humor videos aren’t going to get any shorter. “We’re already down to six to 15 seconds. They can’t get any shorter than six seconds.”

Regardless where social media goes he still is pretty confident on humor. “Comedy is going to stay the same,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s Vines reach thousands of viewers. His Instagram that features his Vines is mrchuy0123 with a second Instagram at MexicansProblemas. His Vine can be found at
“Six to 15 seconds means a lot,” Garcia said.