Seawolves SPEAK! Movie Reboots/Sequels

“Transformers,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Star Trek.” These are just a few of the many reboots guaranteed to fill theaters.  

Critics and fans alike praise some of these movies, while others have been thought of as an easy-money grab created by huge movie studios.  

The constant hunger for new content manages to motivate these studios to create either a sequel to something that worked, or a completely new series of previously less-than-successful film.

The constant flow of sequels/reboots may seem like a pure for-the-money scheme, but some of these reboots prove to be about the fans more than anything. 

Yet, after countless reboots of properties like “Spider-Man” and the many sequels of “Transformers,” maybe Hollywood now focuses more on money and its own fans.

Are movie reboots/sequels an easy way for studios to make money or are they trying to give proper fan service? The STAR asked Sonoma State University students what they think about Hollywood’s reboot conundrum.

“If they’re done right and at least somewhat honoring the original source material, then they can just be a real fun way to update stuff from the past.” 

- Shelby Hoat

“I think it means they don’t have any ideas right now, so they just use old ideas instead of making new ones.” 

- Jason Vitkovich

“I feel like part of it is for the fans because people are so into these movies, but from the movie industry standpoint they definitely just want more money.”

- Amy Lewis

“It depends on who’s working on it and who’s funding it. A lot of the time I feel like people reboot a movie because it’s a classic and they want to capitalize on past popularity.”

- Parker Phillips