“American Horror Story” takes unexpected turn


As promised, creator Ryan Murphy gave the anticipated twist in episode six of “American Horror Story: Roanoke” that we’ve all been waiting for. The seasonal shift of the story gave everyone a new perspective of the show we thought we were watching. Warning: spoilers ahead.

In the first five episodes, the audience was under the impression they were watching a true-crime docu-series called “My Roanoke Nightmare.” The show followed Shelby and Matt Miller, telling the horrifying story about their time living in Roanoke, North Carolina. 

The episodes consisted of “real people” telling their stories and actors portraying them. Now from a new behind the scenes perspective, we get to see who these actors really are.

Audrey Tindell (Sarah Paulson), the actress who played Shelby Miller, reveals early on in the show that she has recently married her co-star Rory Monnaghan (Evan Peters), who played Edward Mott, the original owner of the house.

Monet (Angela Bassett) the actress who played Lee Harris, became an alcoholic blaming it on the stress of her role. 

The actress Agnes Mary Winstead (Kathy Bates) suffered from a mental breakdown after her role as the Butcher. She went on a crazed rampage in downtown Hollywood and was sentenced to six months in a mental facility after assaulting someone. 

Unfortunately, we come to find out that the real Shelby (Lily Rabe) and her husband Matt Miller (Andre Holland) separated after Shelby had a fling with the actor who portrayed him, Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.). As for Lee, fans of the show were unaccepting that spirits were the culprits for the murder of her husband Mason and there is a petition to have her arrested.

The audience learns that “My Roanoke Nightmare” was a huge TV hit, and is coming back for a second season titled “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell.” It’s almost a “Big Brother” version of the nightmare house.

The shows producer Sidney Aaron James (Cheyenne Jackson) pitches the idea and wants to bring back the reenactors along with the real Shelby, Matt and Lee for a reality show. They will all be trapped in the sinister house for three days straight during the ominous “blood moon.” 

Cameras will watch the participants every move, documenting everything creepy that takes place.

Sidney wanted to give audience members a real look into the Roanoke nightmare. Snide comments from him reveal that he wouldn’t mind if a few characters became a little unhinged during the three days.

Admittedly, towards the beginning of this episode the season shift just seemed like a natural progression. It was somewhat disappointing because this transition wasn’t unpredictable. 

However, towards the end of the episode, a bomb is dropped on viewers. A title screen tells the audience that what they are witnessing is recovered footage, and that every member in the house had died mysteriously, except for one. The show originally planned by producers never aired and what they are watching is assembled found footage.

This created a huge mystery factor into the story, giving audiences a taste of the end without spoiling everything. What we don’t know is who is going to die, and who is the one that is going to do the killing.

Diehard “American Horror Story” fans are still awaiting the appearance of some actors who have not made their debut this season. It was confirmed Oct. 18 that Finn Wittrock will be returning this season in a shocking, twisted role according to The Wrap. Fans are still wondering if Jessica Lange will eventually make an appearance. 

What we do know is that this isn’t going to be the last twist. We’ve learned from Ryan Murphy that nothing is ever what it seems and we can expect almost anything in the upcoming episodes.