"Rocky Horror" does the "Time Warp" again


The new rendition of ”The Rocky Horror Picture Show” premiered Thursday night featuring popular Hollywood stars like Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Victoria Justice and Christina Milian. The comedy-horror-musical is revamped from the 1975 original, staying true to the outrageous song and dance numbers and provocative plot.

The original “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is about Brad and Janet, innocent newlyweds who naively wander into the strange castle of Dr. Frank N. Furter. They are greeted by a gang of bizarre characters that routinely break out in organized song and dance. Dr. Frank N. Furter is openly a “sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania” as sung in the movie.

Dramatizing the original play of Frankenstein, Dr. Frank N. Furter creates his dream man and names him Rocky. Rocky is the quintessential hot guy, with a muscular body and chiseled face. Being Dr. Frank N. Furter’s prized creation, Rocky is intended to live for the pleasure of Dr. Frank N. Furter. However, that plan goes awry when he has a fling with Janet.

Throughout their stay, Janet and Brad go from being completely shocked by the happenings within the castle to eventually adapting to it. Ironically enough, Tim Curry who played the main character of Dr. Frank N. Furter in the original movie, plays the Criminologist narrator in the new rendition.


The new rendition follows the same plot and storyline of the original, however it comes off a bit inauthentic and melodramatic. On the other hand, Dr. Frank N. Furter, played gracefully by Laverne Cox, did the role justice by delivering every scene with exaggerated confidence. She showed a masterful embodiment of who Dr. Frank N. Furter is, a devious scientist who lives for sexual escapades. Cox, who has a cult following of her own, is mostly known for her ground breaking role in the Netflix Original Series “Orange is the New Black.” Cox also being openly transgender, notably brings awareness to gender norms in the roles she plays.

As a whole, this movie unapologetically disturbs gender norms and pushes the boundaries of sexually provocative content included in current movies.

The role of Janet was played by Victoria Justice, who was also commendable, mirroring the shy and meek Janet from the original movie. However the performance by supporting actors seems lackluster and didn’t evoke the same boldness as the original and seemed more forgettable than they should have been.

One intriguing part of the film was how the  innocent Brad and Janet transform into deviants of Dr. Frank N. Furter and by the end, are completely integrated into members of the castle.

One of the most iconic musical scenes from the movie is the “Time Warp,” which happens when Brad and Janet first arrive to the castle. This scene represented how they have ventured into a strange reality completely different from their own regular lives. During the performance done by the members of the castle, Janet even faints.

“The Rocky Horror PIcture Show” has a cult following and huge fanbase. With the endless sexual references and extraordinary musical scenes, viewers can appreciate how purely satirical and outrageous this movie really is. Above all, it’s a musical people love to reenact. Over the past four decades, it been reenacted through broadway plays, television shows and a movie. It's even been reenacted on the popular TV show “Glee.” The catchy and campy music may be overwhelming to be some audiences, but fans of this cult classic have every scene memorized.

Overall, despite the outrageousness and inappropriateness of this film, it is a must see for every horror-comedy-musical lover alike