‘Atlanta’ highlights real issues through humor


Childish Gambino is a well-known hip-hop artist with several chart topping songs and millions of plays on Spotify. After blazing trails in the music industry, Gambino is blazing trails in the TV industry.

Atlanta’s very own Donald Glover, also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, created and executively produced a new American comedy series called “Atlanta” that premiered on FX Sept 6. 

The setting of the show takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and showcases how Glover’s character Earnest “Earn” Marksand his cousin Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles attempt to break into the Atlanta music scene. 

In the first four episodes, Earn and his cousin Paper Boi, experience how challenging it’s for an aspiring rapper to make it big in the competitive Atlanta music scene. Earn is a father struggling to provide for his family and sees an opportunity to change that when he sees his cousin Alfred gaining traction as rapper “Paper Boi” in the Atlanta music scene. 

Earn offers to manage Alfred’s career as “Paper Boi.” After some convincing, the two officially team up and take every sliver of opportunity they can to advance their careers. It’s understood that both of their ultimate goals are to improve the current state of their lives and make a name for themselves.

No rookie to the comedy game, Glover has an established body of work from being a writer for the NBC series “30 Rock” and starring on the hit show “Community.” Following these shows Glover created the rap persona “Childish Gambino.” 

Glover recorded and produced three popular studio albums, “Camp” in 2011, “Because the Internet” in 2013 and “Kauai” in 2014. Some of his most popular songs including “Sober,” “3005” and “The Worst Guys.” Overall, there’s no doubt Glover has an extensive background in music and TV.

Most know Glover from his music career and anticipated the premiere of “Atlanta.” The show takes a comedic perspective of the culture of one of the most relevant cities when it comes to the hip-hop and R&B music scene. 

The audience can appreciate the comedic, yet realistic style of the show. It can relate to anyone living in Atlanta and has comedic nuances that everyone can relate to. 

The show is unique in that it provides a gritty and perspective of many young black men in the city of Atlanta. 

The show calls on the audience to acknowledge real instances of challenges they face while tastefully mixing in comedy. For example, the show exposes how gun violence in Atlanta is a huge issue when Paper Boi and Earn get into an altercation at a gas station

“Atlanta” has already been approved for a second season, after having a total 1.8 million viewers of the premiere episode, according to XXL Hip-Hop Magazine. Considering the popularity of Glover’s other comedic projects, Atlanta is projected to be a huge success.