Dave Coulier brings nostalgic laughs to the Green Music Center


It’s hard to imagine Dave Coulier without a mullet and a ridiculous 80s button-up. Coulier is an American actor who is best known for his lead role as Uncle Joey in the ABC sitcom “Full House.” On top of starring in “Full House,” he has been featured in many other television shows, primarily as a cartoon voice actor. He has done voices for shows such as “Scooby Doo,” “Muppet Babies,” “The Jetsons,” “Extreme Ghostbusters” and many more.

Outside of television shows, Coulier does stand-up comedy, and on Thursday night he performed at Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center. His popularity among the students attending the show was instantly recognizable due to the passionate and deafening applause the audience gave him as he came on stage. Coulier’s entrance was heralded with the “Full House” theme song. The first comment he made as he came on stage was, “I just made 14 cents for that Full House theme.”

Coulier knew the main reason the audience was interested in him, and he wisely started the show out by frontloading most of the “Full House” jokes. He shared some of his previous experiences with how fans always try to get him to say his catchphrase, “cut it out.” In order to avoid similar requests that evening, he said it for everyone right off the bat. This excited nearly everyone in the building. 

Coulier went on to recall a specific encounter where a fan told him that he used to be fat when he was on the show. He responded by saying, “Well, the mullet tends to add about 10-15 pounds.” He then teased the audience’s curiosity by bringing up the money he makes from the show today. After building up to what appeared to be a large amount of money, he turned 180 degrees and jokingly boasted, “If I wanted to, I could buy a new shirt every week.”

After talking about “Full House” for a bit, Coulier moved onto a more traditional comedy routine. He even made the nowadays practically obligatory airline joke. 

The main factor that separated Coulier’s performance from most other stand-up comics was his unmistakable talent for doing impersonations. Although complaining about the service at airport security or joking about experiences on an airplane isn’t necessarily groundbreaking material, Coulier’s impressively accurate pilot, and stewardess voices set his joke a notch above standard practice. 

From there, Coulier covered a variety of topics ranging from sports to family to colonoscopies. All the while incorporating his hilariously convincing voices. One particularly funny moment was when he talked about how he likes to freak out telemarketers by making demonic sounds into the phone. He then proceeded to show the audience several examples that probably would have terrified anyone who was hearing them out of context.

Coulier closed the show by surprising everyone with a harmonica performance. What started as a parody of blues singers turned into a remarkably skilled concert that thrilled everyone in the audience.

Comedy shows at the Green Music Center are somewhat rare, but when they happen, they tend to please students, faculty and Sonoma County citizens alike. Coulier’s stand-up show on Thursday was no exception. The standing ovation at the end of the show was a testament to that.