"Lady Wood" stands tall


As an emerging pop star, Tove Lo quickly rose to popularity following her release of “Queen of the Clouds,” which left her fans wanting more. Tove Lo’s talent led her to the opportunity to collaborate along side several talented and well-known artists, such as Hilary Duff, Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Flume, Alesso, Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert, Years & Years, Seven Lions, Broods, Lucas Nord and Urban Cone. 

After experiencing an overwhelming amount of success with her debut album “Queen of the Clouds,” Tove Lo was riding on a high note due to the fact her hit single “Habits (Stay High)” was number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in October 2014.

Tove Lo brings forward a unique approach to traditional pop music. Her style is a bit darker as she offers a grunge-influenced take on pop music. Her music is centered around something almost anyone can relate to, relationship hardships. Through personal experiences, Tove Lo creates an honest storyline of love and heartbreak that shines through each one of her songs. “Queen of the Clouds” was produced to follow the steps of a relationship; the sex, the love and of course, the pain. “Talking Body” one of Tove Lo’s most popular songs released within the album offers an upbeat electronic vibe that centers around physical intimacy. 

The pop star’s newest release, “Lady Wood” is also centered around relationships, but is separated into two chapters. The first chapter of the album conveys the highs of relationships whereas the second half is centered around the lows. Although the second chapter of the album speaks to the lows of relationships, Tove Lo ensures her fans that there is plenty of joy included in these songs. 

“Lady Wood” is comprised of songs that offer listeners a way to connect with personal relationship hardships while enjoying an upbeat tune. 

The combination of Tove Lo’s rhythmic voice and catchy beats makes listeners want to dance while singing out the lyrics. Tove Lo’s bold personality shines through her album, “Lady Wood,” which is especially showcased in the more popular song from the album, “Cool Girl.” The song showcases her thinking when it comes to dealing with men and relationships.

“No, let’s not put a label on it/ Let’s keep it fun/ We don’t put a label on it/ So we can run free, yeah/ I wanna be free like you,” Tove Lo sings. 

Just as many young people can relate to, Tove Lo exclaims that she desires love and romance while at the same time she wants to have fun and be free. “Cool Girl” offers listeners a storyline to sing along to accompanied by a catchy, but chill melody. 

“Influence” which features rapper Wiz Khalifa, covers a fast pace melody in which Tove Lo explains the freedom that comes along with making decisions when under the influence. “Influence” showcases Tove Lo’s risque and free-spirited aspect of her personality, which can be heard from the lyrics in this song. Following the release of “Queen of the Clouds,” Tove Lo’s fans were eager for another crowd pleasing album filled with relatable, catchy songs that make listeners want to dance, and the release of “Lady Wood” offered just that.