Seawolves SPEAK!: Overrated artists

One of the great mysteries of radio is how the sounds of classic, nostalgic artists have been completely muted when artists who pump out the same monotonous tones stay in rotation for the longest time. Certain artists have been known to produce hits with staying power; however, over the last couple years listeners seem to be overwhelmed by a number of overplayed artists who never seem to go away. Music always seems to be a topic of conversation, and with the recent controversy at the Grammys regarding who was deserving of winning best album of the year, the STAR asked Sonoma State University students: Which artists do you think are the most overrated?   

Ashlea Thomas

“Beyoncé. I do not think her music really differs from that of other musicians. I think local artists would be super cool to hear over the radio. It would give us a break from regular pop.” -Ashlea Thomas, third year communications major










Romel Styles

“I don’t like Fetty Wap. He has no talent, he sounds terrible. It’s not an appealing sound to me and I don’t know how people can listen to that. I’d enjoy the radio much more if they didn’t repeat the same type of music so much.” -Romel Styles, sociology major  










Keira Danehy

“I don’t think that pop stars are overrated. Everyone has worked hard to get where they are and it is not my place to label them ‘over rated’ for simply doing their job.” -Keira Danehy, second year Hutchins major  











Jack Szarabajka

“The music on the radio is trash. I personally cannot stand Taylor Swift or Pitbull, almost 90 percent of the pop genre. I’d like to hear about something meaningful, not just ‘hitting the club.’”  -Jack Szarabajka, third year political science major










Katelyn Foley

“I think most pop music is super catchy and fun to sing and dance to when I’m mobbin’ in my car, but Demi Lovato is seriously so over-rated.” -Katelyn Foley, third year communications major