‘Batman vs. Superman’: Let’s call a flop ‘a flop’

Earning $424.1 million worldwide, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has received mixed reviews from fans and critics.

The much anticipated “Batman vs. Superman” opened in theaters this weekend, bringing with it much disappointment and confusion. Despite its estimated $172 million opening weekend, viewers have almost unanimously agreed it was a flop.

Ben Affleck as Batman has had fans talking and wondering for months on how he would portray The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, Affleck’s performance was much like a wet sock in a nice shoe: looks good from the outside, but soggy and stinky inside. The lack of character development left fans wondering why Affleck did some of the things he did in the film that were uncharacteristically Batman.

Director Zack Snyder’s attempt to start a new Batman course in the “Man of Steel” sequel is a big mistake. Perhaps a solely Batman film between “Man of Steel” and “Dawn of Justice” would have helped fans connect with Affleck’s Batman better. This would give them a more in-depth look at the character, instead of trying to stuff it all into one movie.

The film itself was all over the place. Viewers had difficulty keeping track of the storyline, mostly because there were so many. The first hour and half was slow and boring, building up the rivalry between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, along with watching Lex Luthor (played by the incredible Jesse Eisenberg) reveal more of his crazy hatred towards Superman, acquiring large chunks of Kryptonite to end him.

The slow beginning moves into the last short hour, squishing in Lex Luthor’s evil plan, a quick Batman and Superman fight scene, a Justice League introduction, Doomsday, the giant monster that absorbs energy, Wonder Woman kicking some butt, and a cliffhanger ending setting fans up for the next instalments.

So much was stuffed into the last hour, it was hard for viewers to connect with everything happening on the screen. Though it made fans excited for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, the quick introduction to the upcoming Justice League felt shoved into a film that should have only focused on Batman and Superman.

Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg were tacked on in the cheesiest way, possibly as more of a service to the true fans of DC, rather than actually applying to the plot of the film.
Besides problems with the story and characters, even the quality of this film was boring.

Overflowing with computer generated imagery (CGI), there was nothing visually striking. The amount of CGI in new, popular films is desensitizing viewers to the real craft in filmmaking. There is no doubt that CGI is needed for monsters and aliens, but when it’s used in every scene for things that could look better had they been made, the film becomes visually uninteresting.

“Batman vs. Superman” had nothing that wowed audiences visually, leaving them with nothing to take away.

Snyder tried valiantly but failed to continue with a universe so many have come to love.

Leaving them sad and disappointed, dreaming of what it could have been. If just a few things had been done differently, like casting or even sound editing, it might have been received better by those who truly appreciate the story.