Shonda Rhimes is at it again with ‘The Catch’ CatchABC
Shonda Rhimes, producer of many hit series such as “Grey’s Anatomy,”  has returned with a new crime-thriller.

In any television series, the main goal should be to catch the audience’s attention, and that’s exactly what ABC’s “The Catch” did. The new series produced by Shonda Rhimes, premieredThursday night on ABC. Rhimes is known for her suspenseful and thrilling series “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” and has done it again with yet another exciting show that left the viewers wanting more.

The show starts off with a mysterious man walking into an art exhibit. He begins a flirtatious encounter with the main character, Alice, who is a private investigator. The man somehow steals Alice’s access key from the art safe and steals a million dollar painting. Just as he thinks he is going to get away with it, Alice shows up along with the rest of the police and arrests him. The viewers now know that Alice is not one to mess with.  

As the story continues, we find that Alice is after a guy named Mr. X, who is stealing money from her client’s accounts. The team has been searching for Mr. X, played by Peter Krause, for quite some time. Once at home after a long day of trying to hunt down this thief, Alice starts to vent to her finance about her struggles. The story then takes its biggest plot twist: her fiancé is Mr. X. Now he is on the run, and Alice must catch him.

“The Catch” is filled with many subliminal messages. For example, the infamous painting that mystery man attempted to steal in the beginning was of a couple wrapped around each other. The man’s face was covered,  buried deep inside his mistress, just as we come to find out later on,  Mr. X’s face is never shown in any photographs. “He’s not showing you his eyes. Just because it doesn’t last, doesn’t mean it doesn’t love,” says the mystery thief about the painting. This quote could symbolize the rest of the show’s dynamics.

Just like Rhimes’s other series, “The Catch” is filled with many twists and turns. Once you think something is going to happen, it completely changes direction. The show is unpredictable,  leaving the viewers on their toes. Having this kind of plotline makes the series more desirable to watch continuously.

Rhimes has set the bar high not only for other producers, but for herself as well. One of television’s most popular shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” is hard live up to, specifically because it has captured the hearts of so many viewers. “The Catch” might be just be as huge of a hit as “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Mireille Enos did a stunning job as her role of a detective. She was confident, intriguing, smart and sexy. The acting overall was smooth and consistent. It was as though the viewers were right alongside the characters when everything was going down. I felt a connection to the characters as well as sympathy when things weren’t going right.

“The Catch” incorporated neat graphic designs that faded in and out on the screen during certain scenes. Different frames, boxes and squares would overlap each other, making it unlike any other show. Some boxes would pause and zoom into a particular scene, which gave a sense of importance.

 I enjoyed the song choices used to lighten the mood during the heavier scenes. Although the overall genre of “The Catch” is crime-thriller, the score choices made it seem like the show wasn’t as intense.

“The Catch” caught my eye, will it catch others’, too?