Student dancers stand out at national conference

The Sonoma State students’ piece, “For Example” has been chosen to be showcased at the ACDA in June of this year.

Recently, the Sonoma State University Theatre Arts and Dance department dancers participated in the American College Dance Association National Conference. This national conference was held over Spring Break this year in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The American College Dance Association National Conference is an annual event held at different universities all across the country.

One of the pieces Sonoma State students showcased, “For Example,”  was recognized at the conference. Senior dance major and Hutchins track one major Hannah Ingwerson was the choreographer of this piece,  along with “People Watching.”

“The piece evolved from feelings of frustration, I guess. I just needed to get out. It’s just about honesty,” said Ingwerson. “Honest emotions, honest movement, honest performing.”

Many of the dancers in the piece “For Example” felt the same way.James DeSoto, senior and theater arts major, talked about how his feelings about this piece.

“The main theme that was explored was the idea of being uncomfortable and moving in a way that felt uncomfortable,” said DeSoto. “Personally, the piece evoked a deep emotional state that I consider to be a typically repressed feeling in our society. That state is one of struggle, suffering, and the frantic feeling of being overwhelmed. The ability to safely enter this mental space on stage was an incredibly rewarding experience.”

After learning about both of these perspectives, Ingwerson explained the meaning surrounding her second piece called “People Watching.”

“‘People Watching’ is a project I have been working on all semester,” said Ingwerson. “Myself and my seven cast members [some Sonoma State students and some not] decided to explore the idea of what it means to be human. The piece features spoken work and dance, and a whole lot of honesty.”

The conferenceIngwerson and her dancers will perform at this summer is at the ACDA National Conference in Washington D.C. The conferencethe week of June 7-12.

“Christine [Cali] and I are incredibly proud of Ingwerson, her dancers, and all of the students in our program who support, encourage, nurture and motivate each other” said dance instructor Kristen Daley. “This is the first time the Sonoma State dance program has been invited to Nationals and we are thrilled to be representing the West Region at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.”

Between now and this summer Ingwerson and her dancers will continue to dance and practice these two pieces.

Sonoma State students cansee these two dance piecesperformed at Ingwerson’s senior project showcase. Her senior project showcase will be April 22-24 in Ives 119. The first two performances will be at 7:30 p.m. while the last performance will be at 2 p.m.

“More than feeling proud, I continuously feel very humbled. It’s an experience I didn’t think was ever possible, just because the talent at ACDA is very high,” said Ingwerson. “But like I said, my dancers are honest people. This is not just for me, or my dancers but it’s for everyone involved in the department, because we wouldn’t be the artists we are now without their guidance.”