Ready, set, action: CineNoma returns

CineNoma is back and better than ever. The film festival will be taking place on Thursday April 21 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom D. This is the fifth film festival Sonoma State University TV has hosted on campus, and this year could present the most talent yet.

Sonoma State students Anna Luna, Sean Tadlock, Kayley Kemp and Jason Weiss will be attending the Cannes International Film Festival in France this year to present their films, which will also be shown at CineNoma.

In the past two years, Sonoma State has had eight students selected to participate in the Cannes International Film Festival.

“It’s exciting for that to happen once, but two years in a row is really neat,” said Ed Beebout, faculty advisor for SSUTV. “Because of our SSU-TV students getting their films nationally recognized and getting to go to international festivals, it helps the reputation they are building as young filmmakers. I think that means more of an expectation of quality films for those that choose to attend CineNoma.”

This year, SSUTV has decided to open festival entries to Sonoma county. A few students from Santa Rosa Junior College are submitting films as well.

“As a spectator, this event is an awesome way to show support for the small but growing filmmaking community and to just have fun,” said Luna. “A night of taking fancy pictures, watching movies and eating popcorn. What can get better than that?”

Attendees of this free formal event can expect a red carpet entrance, photographers, refreshments, a raffle with prizes and an award ceremony for the films.

Filmmaker and Sonoma State student Joshua Hernandez appreciates events like CineNoma where he can showcase his ideas and hard work.

“Filmmaking is something I love doing and whenever I get a chance to make a film, I take advantage of the opportunity,” said Hernandez. “CineNoma makes it easy and risk-free to get out there and share my stories.”

CineNoma has become an incredible opportunity for student filmmakers of any major to come together and support each other.

“Events like CineNoma allow students to get exposure to different things without much risk or commitment. This exposure is what makes students well-rounded individuals,” said Hernandez. “I suggest that students take advantage of CineNoma. It’s a nice way to make new friends, have new experiences and maybe find a new hobby or career path.”

SSUTV is working on building this filmmaking community even further. By opening up submissions to Sonoma county as well as partnering with other communication program outlets, they hope to grow and bring more interest to the talent at Sonoma State.

“I only hope to see more students get involved with this community and bring further success with film to Sonoma State,” said Luna.

“The point of the festival is to help build relationships and connections between people who are interested in film and video production,” said Beebout. “Whether they are one major or another, we are trying to bond them through this common interest of filmmaking.”