Two old favorites try to recreate television magic, but fall short

For those who were fans of the old comedy sitcom “That 70’s Show,” Netflix has brought back two of its most memorable actors. Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson star in “The Ranch,” which premiered on Netflix April 1. Although it is comparable to the flashback favorite, it doesn’t quite reach that level.

Colt Bennett (Kutcher) is a football player who returns to his home in Garrison, Colorado and decides to help out his father and older brother Jameson (Masteron) on the family ranch. 

Both Kutcher and Masterson’s characters resemble a bit of their past characters, both sarcastic and always dissing each other with crude jokes. 

Their father, Beau Bennett (Sam Elliot) is one of those typical harsh, stubborn and old-fashioned ranchers. Beau especially has it out for Colt, who, as mentioned in the show, is just a stubborn as his father which makes their relationship a rocky one.

The relationships between each of the characters can clearly be seen within the very first episode, and it seems very natural and real. 

The audience is able to get a good feel for their personalities within the first ten minutes. There are plenty of jokes and remarks spread throughout each episode, keeping the viewer entertained.

“The Ranch” does a good job in establishing the plot as well as emphasizing the relationship between Colt and his father. In the very first episode, Colt and his father argue as to why Colt is wearing UGG boots, showingissues within their relationship right off the bat.

The show is riddled with humourous scenes, such as when Colt has to deliver a baby calf and is shown sticking his hand up ‘you know where.’ There’s also a scene between Beau and Jameson in which Netflix itself is mentioned, poking fun at the show’s producing company.

One of the things that makes this show a little odd is the intro, which includes the country song “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.” It’s a catchy song, but doesn’t really fit the comedy aspect of the show. 

The characters themselves are what make the show bearable and laughable. The plot develops rather slowly, as there isn’t really much to anticipate or shocking in the show. In other words, one could guess where the show will end up. “The Ranch” doesn’t compare to the creative and witty humor that “That 70’s Show” had. It’s still a worthy-to-watch show.  The audience won’t be impatient for the next few episodes to be released, but it is something to aimlessly watch when you finish “That 70s Show” on Netflix.