Artistic passion and compassion

Courtesy // Auriel Arthur

Auriel Arthur juggles her studies, job and art in her life as a student.

Having an artistic mind is something many Sonoma State University students have in common, although some students may be better at putting it down on paper than others. 

As for Sonoma State University Hutchins major Auriel Arthur, art is something that is in her blood and has been apart of her life for many years.

Arthur paints mostly pieces of girls, and has been doing this since she was nine years old. Arthur loves that she gets to share her talent with the Sonoma State University community by selling her artwork in the Made by Seawolves store. 

“I love the Made by Seawolves store because it is a rare place where people can easily share their talents to the school for profit,” Arthur said. 

Arthur, like most artists, has a process by which she develops her artistic ideas. 

“Interpreting complicated emotions through design is how I get inspired to make my art,” Arthur said. “[It’s about] appreciating beauty and telling stories.”

Without the Made by Seawolves store, Arthur may have not gotten the chance to share her talent with her fellow Seawolves here at Sonoma State.

“[Auriel’s artwork] has a nice flow,” said Rheannon Eisworth, a second-year business major at Sonoma State. “I think she adds her natural and spiritual side into her artwork. Auriel is an extremely sweet and kind-hearted person. She genuinely cares about others.”

 Although Arthur is not a part of the art department at Sonoma State, she appreciates the talent of all the other artists on campus.

“The art I have seen in the student art galleries is unbelievable and phenomenal,” said Arthur. 

“I have a lot of fun working with everyone at Made By Seawolf,” said Mari Lopez, a close friend of Arthur’s and manager of the store that features student pieces. “[Auriel’s artwork] is so original and creative. She uses a lot of vibrant colors that are very attractive to the eye. She also has one of the chillest vibes here at SSU.” 

Arthur is also is a Community Service Advisor in Cabernet. 

“I love being a student leader for freshmen because I get to see them become wonderful independent individuals,” said Arthur.

While some student artists may remain behind-the-scenes at Sonoma State University, artists like Arthur let their artistic view of the world infiltrate not only their art, but also the community around them.