From sketches to theaters: a charming mess

Key and Peele’s film “Keanu” is centered around the rescuing of a kitten, and highlights the comedic pairing’s signature style.

For those who are familiar with the popular “Key and Peele” sketch series, the new film titled “Keanu” is something to look forward to. Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key star in this film about their love for a kitten and the extreme situations they are willing to put themselves into in order to rescue it.

From their series they’re known to make fun of various pop culture’s, stereotypes and race relations. 

Their new film, titled after the small cat, is something hollywood has seen before. The plot revolves around the two stars, Rell (Peele) and Clarence (Key) who come across the kitten not knowing about the dangers surrounding it. After going out one night, Rell discovers someone has broken into his home and kidnapped Keanu.

They soon discover Keanu in the hands of a dangerous gang leader named Cheddar and decide to go along with him. Cheddar mistakenly believes Rell and Clarence are two infamous assassins. Stepping out of their comfort zone, the two make a deal with Cheddar to helpdistribute his new drug in return for Keanu. After shoot-outs, blood and several predicaments, everything turns out just as expected.

Viewers are able to see Peele and Key’s humor from the beginning. Their style involves silly jokes and mentions other Hollywood favorites. One of the funniest scenes is when Clarence and a group of Cheddar’s gang members are waiting inside a van singing along to George Michael tunes.

The relationship between the main characters is something that really made this film funny. Although there were a few scenes where one could tell they tried too hard, the film still worked. The main plot being the rescue of a kitten is something abnormal and ridiculous for them to kill others and involve themselves with gang members just to get him back.

Keanu, which in the film has a rare disease where he will be a kitten forever, adds more to the film’s humor as you see him dressed up as a gangster and in calendar pictures posing in other film’s iconic scenes.

The film, although lacking suspense and twists, is a bearable production by the two sketch stars. This movie is not any different from what other comedy movies in Hollywood have done before.

Keanu is one of the cutest kitten actors in Hollywood and the relationship with every character is loving and close. The transformation of Peele and Key as bad-ass characters in order to rescue a kitten is what makes the film a comedy.