From Rohnert Park to Hollywood

Courtesy // Anna Luna

Anna Luna will be graduating from Sonoma State University with a communications and media studies degree this month, and has plans to move to Los Angeles to participate in an internship at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Extraordinary imagination, creativity, excellent work ethic and determination: These are all necessary ingredients to become a successful filmmaker in today’s world. Not all people make the cut, but those who do are part of a very select group of dreamers.

Sonoma State University communications and media studies major Anna Luna can now say she’s part of this group, as she’s been invited to one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world alongside her crew. The Cannes Film Festival, held in France each year features many different films from all around the world. Needless to say, this, is a big deal.

Before her involvement with SSUTV and filmmaking, Luna always had an interest in the industry, but had never considered pursuing a career in it. 

“In the first semester of my junior year, I made a last minute decision to participate in a short film that was submitted to Campus Movie Fest,” said Luna. “The film I was involved with was called ‘Rampage,’ and I instantly fell in love with filmmaking. From then on I took every opportunity to pursue a career in this industry.”

Luna has been in filmmaking since the beginning of her junior year here at Sonoma State with the help of SSUTV. 

“SSUTV is really what started it all. It’s where I met the people who had the same love for filmmaking and passion to pursue a future in it. It was the place that I was able to grow as a leader and a filmmaker,” said Luna.

For her trip to France, Luna prepared for a little over four months and has received much support from her friends, family and peers within the communication studies department.     

“Learning French and practicing ways to promote myself and my film has been the most challenging thus far,”  Luna said. 

After graduation, Luna intends to continue to reach her goal of becoming a successful filmmaker. She will be moving to the capital for all films and movies, Los Angeles. 

There she will begin an internship with Sony Pictures Entertainment. She also has the desire to gain further education in film studies and has also considered applying to graduate programs.

Sonoma State alumn Cara Fuqua worked with Luna at SSUTV, and again on the short film “Uproar” last year, on which Luna was the production coordinator. 

“Anna is an innovator and a creator,” said Fuqua. “She consistently strives to push the boundaries of filmmaking at Sonoma State which has landed her in Cannes. She is a go-getter and I greatly admire her dedication, natural talent and aspirations to pursue working in the film industry.” 

Joining her on her journey to Cannes is her best friend Kayley Kemp, who’s also involved in the film industry.

“I see Anna moving up in the ranks in the film industry. She will be famous and she will make a name for herself,” said Kemp. “She has the drive and the ambition to be great and she will be because she’s Anna Luna.”