"Don't Breathe" terrifies audiences with real life scenarios


The movie theater seats filled this past weekend with much anticipation for the horror and suspense film, “Don’t Breathe”  released August 25th. When the lights dimmed and the beginning scene of a robbery started, the attention of all viewers were caught, and throughout the movie was never lost. With the fast paced storyline viewers were not left bored or anxious for something to happen next. Good use of music and sound effects had people jumping in their seats feeling like they were in the movie.

“Don’t Breathe” is a film about three friends who have practiced robbing homes in the past and are constantly on the search for the next house to rob. With the characters likable traits given by writer Fede Alverez and co-writer Rodo Sayagues, viewers are drawn into their personal stories and hardships in which we end up rooting for each of them throughout the movie.

Rocky, played by Jane Levy, is a broke, single mother relying on money from robberies to move her and her daughter to California. Alex, played by Dylan Minnette, takes advantage of his father’s job at a security company by stealing keys that will help them easily enter the homes. Lastly, Rocky’s money hungry boyfriend ironically named Money, is played by Daniel Zovatto.

Once Rocky is told about a secluded house owned by an Iraqi war veteran who is holding at least $300,000 settlement from his daughter being killed in his house, the three agree that this he will be their next target. The three figure he is an easy target due to the fact he is old and blind, but once the find themselves trapped inside his home they quickly realize escaping with the money will not be as easy as it  has been in the past. When trapped inside, they made a shocking discovery that no viewers expected.

Stephen Lang did a convincing job playing the blind man, leaving the audience in awe and fear of what he was going to do next. Lang was cast well and took on a role very few could succeed at. It’s difficult to accept and watch some of the gory and despicable behavior of Lang’s character in this movie, but it’s easier to comprehend when shown the background and reasoning of his actions.

There are some uncomfortable scenes and violence geared towards women that may be difficult to watch, but people may also argue it’s more of a realistic view of how people would react in a break in.

Although some actions the characters made were predictable, viewers were still on edge waiting to see if the three were going to survive and succeed. People who enjoy watching thrillers and horror movies will be satisfied with this film’s ability to keep you sunk into your seat with one hand ready to cover your eyes when needed. This breathtaking film not only left fans at a loss for words, but also left them with a whole mind full of questions and a thirst for more.