Hunter Hayes brings country to the GMC

COURTESY // Brennan Spark

Hunter Hayes, an award winning singer and songwriter,  was welcomedto the Green Music Center with excitement and enthusiasm last Sunday. Musician Julia Cole started out the night with new music and a few mash-ups. Her smile lit up the room and made the audience feel as though they already knew her. As an up and coming artisit, the crowd was not familiar with her songs, butthey were definitely enjoying her music and company.  

Once Cole finished her performance, Hayes came on-stage ready to entertain the audience with the best show he could give.

“He was very engaging and seemed thrilled to be there,” said Ray Woodall, a junior at Sonoma State University. 

“I feel like he really cares about his fans and makes an effort to connect with them,” said junior Sarah Kaufman.

Hayes acknowledged the fact that sitting on the lawn makes it challenging to fully enjoy the concert. He decided what better way to make everyone feel special than to go sing personally with crowd sitting on the lawn. As soon as he appeared from the depths of the concert hall, people began rushing over to be as close to Hayes as the security guards would allow. 

While on the lawn, Hayes told the audience he has a new song notreleased yet. The Green Music Center audience were the first ones to hear this song. Hayes told the audience he had a good feeling about the crowd and wanted to share the new song with them. 

After serenading the audience on the lawn, Hayes went back up to the main stage to play more. He played a variety, not only the popular ones. However, the audience went crazy as he sang songs like “Wanted,” “Crazy,” and “Invisible.” 

“Crazy” was a definite crowd pleaser. As soon as Hayes began singing, the audience immediately joined in. Hayes would pause and put the microphone to the audience so they could have their time to shine. Concert go-ers were screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs and dancing like nobody was watching.

Hayes’ contagious smile was nonstop throughout the entire concert. He was constantly laughing and having a great time with his band. He was sure to give the band credit for their performance. 

Towards the end of the concert, Hayes looked into the audience and asked if the little girl with a purple guitar was still in the building. A few seconds later, a little girl appeared on stage with Hayes. She was carrying a purple guitar and wearing a cowgirl hat, both of which had tons of signatures on them. Hayes sang a verse of the song “Crazy” with her, gave her a huge hug, and sent her back with the rest of the audience.

“The GMC is an intimate venue that provides a closeness between the artist and the audience,” said junior Mallory Suter.