Improvaholics leaves crowd in stiches

What better way to spend a Friday night than to enjoy a completely improvised show put on by Sonoma State University’s very own improv comedy group. The Improvoholics filled the seats this past Friday in Ives 101 with students anticipating their creativity and performance.

The Improvaholics are an on-campus Improv Comedy club  made up of students from Sonoma State. Throughout the year they gather crowds of people together and put on a free on-campus show at midnight for audiences to enjoy.

Throughout the show the comedians interacted with the audience by asking for suggestions of movie scenes, or people in which the comedians would next act out during their improv game. They did a great job at keeping their audience awake and engaged during the whole hour of the show, especially so late at night.

“I really enjoy watching all of them perform. They have such bright energy and they are all so hilarious,” said freshman Leila Aliev.

“It’s always fun getting a group of people together late at night to enjoy the show and have such a fun time,” said Deanna Gee, a senior theatre major.

Gee is friends with a few of the actors in the Improvaholics, and regularly attends these late night shows as well as some of the improv club meetings during the week.

“It might be hard for people to get some of the inside jokes that are told in some of the shows,” said Gee. “For me, I know these people so it’s easy to follow some of their jokes, but those who don’t know them personally may have a harder time.”

Although some jokes may have referred directly to inside jokes, it was still easy to follow along and laugh along with others. It seemed as though most of the crowd knew each other, but welcomed any  newcomers that wanted to enjoy the show as well.

The seven actors who performed looked comfortable in their environment, which made the audience feel at ease and welcomed. With practice four hours a week, they are able to expand their creativity and brainstorm new games they would like to perform at the next show. Every time they step out on stage, they have a chance to become someone else and enjoy doing it.

With all of their high spirits and outgoing personalities, it made it easy for the audience to enjoy their jokes. The Improvaholics not only satisfied their audience during the hour long show, but continued to have people laughing and smiling out the door after the show had ended.