Beyonce fans sour after ‘Lemonade’ loss

Beyonce fans from all over the nation were blindsidedthe night of Sept. 18 during the 58th Emmy Awards when “Grease: Live” took home the title for “Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special” award. 

Beyonce fans were outraged at these results and quickly voiced their feelings of anger and astonishment onsocial media. 

It’ssafe to say that along with many other “Grease” fans, I was not “hopelessly devoted” to “Grease: Live” after watching the performance that premiered on Fox in January.

Although director Thomas Kail provided an eye pleasing, upbeat and colorful rendition of “Grease,” this performance offered little comparison to the efforts Beyonce put into her new album “Lemonade.”

Just like any sequel or remake, “Grease: Live” will only live in the media spotlight and memories of “Grease” fans for so long. 

This is contradictory to Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” which will serve as much more than just another crowd pleasing album done by an overwhelmingly popular artist. 

“Lemonade” provides a personal and relatable touch to each one of the songs included in the album. 

Beyonce ingeniously molds her personal issues regarding her relationship with Jay-Z and the issues women experience due to gender inequality. 

Gender inequality is one of the most relevant social issues the world faces today, which makes the album so intriguing.

An abundant amount of people have the expectations that famous idols lead perfect lives without any heartbreak, suffering or misfortunes. 

This is quite the contrary, which is shown through Beyonce’s deep and descriptive words heard throughout her songs. “Lemonade” could essentially be described as Beyonce’s personal diary. 

It touches on several personal heartbreaks she and Jay-Z have faced during troublesome times in their marriage. 

“Lemonade” was extremely popular following its release and the fact “Grease: Live” won the Emmy Award is still a mystery to Beyonce fans, including myself.

 “Lemonade” is not an extremely upbeat albumyou’d choose to play for a dance party with your friends, but rather the songs embedded within the album serve as more of a reflection on current and relatable issues in our society. 

“Lemonade” hands down deserved the “Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special” award. It’sa beautifully crafted combination of real life experiences and issueswomen from all over the world can relate to. “Grease: Live” was nothing more than just another remake of a classic movie.