Destiny’s ‘Rise of Iron’ is a must have

A cinematic story filled with secrets. Bungie’s expansion for Destiny,“Rise of Iron” offers players a gritty story behind the Iron Lords past and the last Sentry standing. The campaign demonstrates how well Bungie delivers entertainment to it’s fans and never fails to satisfy. Despite it being short, the creativity and aesthetics put into the environment and characters combined equals another classic expansion.

Upon completing the third expansion “The Taken King,” a new challenge arises. The House of Devils, a group of Devil Splicers with the ability to hack and bioengineer, has came across advanced technology known as “SIVA.” With it, Devil Splicers plan on abandoning their loyalty to the House of Devils and become machine gods. As the Devil Splicers invade the old Golden Age research labs, the player is put in the hot seat where they are the only one brave enough to stop the Devil Splicers. Rather than having Lord Saladin send you over to defend the Golden Age research labs, he asks you to clear out the Iron Temple which comes off mysterious as to why he makes that move, what could be so important in there?

As one of the Guardians, you are dropped off in Old Russia which is now covered in snow. The player must investigate the Iron Temple and clear out all the enemies that may be hiding inside the tomb of the Golden Age. Along the way there are overwhelming forces that turns the mission from a firefight into a bombardment. Respawning is also restricted so proceed with caution. Playing through this DLC there are parts where the player will be on the brink of death but be sure to keep your distance from enemies up ahead because a lot more will spawn right after them and watch your corners. Upon completing the campaign the player is left with the feeling of accomplishment and yet, it feels like it was cut short.

Although the campaign took around two to three hours to finish and there is no replay value. First timers will be thrilled to play this and all the aesthetic features put into the environment will “wow” the player and the story is even more of a thriller. On the other hand if you are only interested in the new matchmaking modes Destiny has to offer through Rise of Iron, the new Supremacy Crucible game mode offers only four new maps and it only provides entertainment for a short while. Armory wise, the player is able to obtain the best weapon in the game, the “Gjallarhorn” and the only way of obtaining it is by a quest reward. Those who preordered the game will be able to get a rare black Iron Gjallarhorn. According to GAMERANT, the light cap level is getting raised from 335 to 385, and then to 400 when the hard mode version is released.

Purchasing this expansion for Destiny is worth the $30 because it includes a new story campaign enriched with secrets, quests, armor, gear, weapons, raid, an increase in maximum light, new strike, plagueland zone, social space, a new crucible mode with maps and new enemy factions including bosses. If you are a fan of Destiny and absolutely love the campaign then the fourth expansion for Destiny is definitely for you. However, before you are able to play Rise of Iron you must have the previous expansion, The Taken King expansions one and two. If you are considering getting the fourth expansion DLC only for the multiplayer then you might want to hold off on it because it does not live up to the hype.