“Nuka-World” the ultimate post-apocalyptic experience


Fallout 4’s ‘Nuka-World’ Downloadable Content is a roller coaster full of surprises. This DLC throws the player into an abandoned amusement park, filled with danger and beautiful spectacles. It’s atmosphere, music and gameplay provides the player with endless hours of enjoyment and nostalgia. Loyal fans of the series can agree that Fallout 4’s ‘Nuka-World’ finishes the DLC installments strong.

Upon reaching level 30, a new challenge unfolds for the player. Out of nowhere, mysterious broadcast advertisements by the Nuka-World amusement park are picked up in the Commonwealth. As the Sole Survivor, the player is the only one who is brave enough to board the Nuka-World transit center and reach the park. However, trouble unfurls as a Raider by the name of “Porter Gage” warns the new guest that Nuka World is actually a death trap.

As a result, the Sole Survivor is forced into the “Gauntlet.” The Gauntlet is a sadistic show put on for the entertainment of an unknown audience. Along the way, there are death traps everywhere to weaken the player before reaching the end. The player must play this questline smart and think before making a move. The game does an amazing job at misleading the player into doing things they would not expect.  A few points in the quest that look similar to scenes from a “Saw” movie.

However, one disappointing factor of the quest is the final boss. “Overboss Colter” is the head honcho of the raiders. One would expect this battle to be difficult, but it turned out to be easy. Sadly, trying to survive the death traps lying around every corner was more challenging than this boss battle. Although the player gets an upper hand through dialogue options that open up a secret weapon to defeat Overboss Colter, the battle ends too quickly.

On the bright side, once the player defeats the final boss they are granted the role of overboss and they must travel through each of the five sections to either establish order or annex territory. In addition, each section has it’s own unique enemy. For example, Raiders are only located in Nuka-World’s Main-Street USA, the Galactic Zone only has robots, the Bottling Plant is filled with Nukalurks and the Kiddie Kingdom is all Feral Ghouls. Along with the introduction of new weapons, perks and territory, Nuka World rewards players for being adventurous throughout this world.

Bethesda really nailed it’s job in providing players with an adventurous world filled with new assets, including the additional quest lines in each area where the player gains the opportunity to control new territory. In Nuka-World, the Raider population is segregated into three populations; the Disciples, the Pack and the Operators. As one of the options, the player can assign each faction their own territory. However, the only area where the player can build in Nuka-World is a red rocket. Other than that, the player can only assign raiders to areas conquered.

In comparison, the Disciples are the most sadistic gang who are obsessed with torturing their victims and often times wear decor to represent a native tribe. The Pack wear fully clothed armor and will often times use animals to attack their enemies. Finally, the Operators are notorious for robbing people and wear Saks Fifth Avenue Raider armor.

Along the way, players will obtain an exclusive disciple blade, acid gun, a modifiable AK-type weapon, X-01 Quantum power armor, T-51 Nuka-Cola power armor, Overboss power armor, Raider power armor and decor for customizing settlements. Obtaining this DLC for the sole purpose of exploring a new world is not worth the $20. It would be smart to get a season pass because for $50 more the player can get five more DLC’s. Nuka-World not only provides more than 20 hours of exploration, it also finishes the Fallout DLC installment strong by adding variety to the game.