Winter break binges

The semester is quickly drawing to a close, and students across the country are about to experience magnitudes of free time they haven’t known for an entire semester. And when cold weather and free time band together, there’s only one remedy to stave off boredom: Netflix. It’s here to save the day with a plethora of binge-worthy shows to satiate any show-seeker. To get you started, here’s a list of some of our favorites.


The Mist - 2017

    “The Mist,” which originally aired on Spike, is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. The 10-episode series follows a family who must survive a mysterious force that befalls the town which wreaks havoc on the populace. Anyone going outside must do so with extreme caution, because when they do, death awaits them at the hand of an all engrossing mist that kills it's victims in different ways each time. The family, split up when the mist first appeared, must brave the townspeople as well as this mysterious plague on the town as they make their way back to one another.

    Cheesey and at times laughable, this show starts off a little slow until the last few episodes where the characters we’ve begun to know and love change for the worse and begin to turn against one another. Spend a couple days on this one and you won’t be sorry. (3.5/5)


Better Call Saul - 2015

    See how television’s favorite scummy lawyer got his start in Vince Gilligan’s spin off prequel of “Breaking Bad”. Bob Odenkirk delivers the performance of a lifetime along his co-stars as we see just what makes Saul Goodman tick. Venturing off from Breaking Bad’s high adrenaline, high stakes format of storytelling, “Better Call Saul” is a calculated, albeit at times slow, intertwining of stories and events that make it hard to take a break. With two whole seasons of the show on Netflix, this one could keep you busy for awhile, and Gilligan’s vision is carried out so well it may want to make you leave Netflix to go find the third season elsewhere! (5/5)


Bojack Horseman - 2014

    An animated show that breaks all kinds of rules, Bojack Horseman follows the escapades of Bojack and his few friends as he copes with being a washed up has-been horse among the hollywood elites. Dark and retrospective, “Bojack Horseman” explores themes of depression, drug abuse, and superstardom behind the satirical guise of a fantastical world populated by anthropomorphic humans. And normal humans, too. Bojack’s adventures span 4 seasons and feature a myriad of talented actors voicing the characters, including Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and Alison Brie. (⅘)


Love - 2016

    Follow the unlikely romance of Gus, a nerdy guy who teaches child stars in Hollywood, and Mickey, an addict who struggles with love and substance abuse who works at a radio station. Judd Apatow’s look into modern relationships will have you rooting for one or the other as their rocky relationship progresses. As the pair experience ups and downs, you might just see something in their partnership that you’ve experienced yourself. Enjoy two seasons of tears, from crying and laughing, as you watch the satirical relationship unfold. (⅘)