Big brands take on April Fools Day  Google Gnome

Google Gnome

Every year, one day lives in infamy as a universal time to pull pranks and trick your friends. Back in the day, pranks would be had by all as lighthearted jokes, but in more recent years April Fool’s Day has been kicked up a notch. With the rise of social media, the holiday has taken on a new purpose, and everyone can join in on the fun. From corporate giants like Taco Bell and Google, it seems like everyone can’t wait to make fools out of you. 

This year, corporate giants took to Twitter to deal out 2017’s dose of jokes. Google unveiled their newest device, Google Gnome, with a youtube video. The incredible device allows you to control every aspect of your backyard. It can turn on your hose, tell you which way the wind is blowing and so much more. Don’t ask it to do anything for inside the house, though. That’s Google Home’s job. 

Netflix also unveiled something on April 1: “Netflix Live.” “Netflix Live” is a show where Will Arnett narrates everyday tasks for the viewers in real time. Some of these scenarios include heating a burrito in the microwave, watching a thumb war and an empty room with a copy machine in it. Fans of the show will be disappointed to hear that the show was only on Netflix for one day. 

Zappos’ shocked the nation when they unveiled their patented new packaging for their shoes. Now buyers won’t have to worry about their shoes getting stolen off their porch thanks to Zappo’s latest innovation, invisible boxes. No longer will you have to spend your day worrying about the safety of your new shoes. The deliveryman might have a hard time picking your box out of the truck, though. 

Fast food restaurants also have quite the knack for pulling pranks as well. Seamless, a site that allows you to order food online, released a preview of their new delivery system: Delivery X. Using this service, your food will be delivered to you by a free running parkour specialist. The video they posted has delivery men running around and jumping with insulated food bags, clearly ruining anything that those bags were holding, but at least it looks cool. 

KFC shocked the world with their new product, an ambiguously high tech chicken bucket entitled: The Bucket. Truly riveting. 

Buffalo Wild Wings also released a commercial for a mock product, Rally Beard Sauce. Mimicking the infamous cinematography that is ever present in Apple promo videos, the “sauceologist” describes a sauce that can actually grow you a beard, an absolute must for any serious sports fan.

April Fools Day is a great way for corporate America to take themselves a little less seriously and connect with their customers. It’s nice to see companies take it down a notch and release some funny content. Too bad April Fool’s Day only comes once a year.