“Outlast 2:” The newest additon to the horror game genre



Fear, anxiety and terror are just some of the feelings you will have while playing “Outlast 2.” This game not only tells a riveting and interesting story but one that will have players unable to sleep for nights to come. It will make the player sad, mad, happy and scared all at the same time as having a positive gaming experience. Like the original “Outlast,” “Outlast 2” continues to be a driving force for quality horror games that are often lacking substance. 

“Outlast 2” plays on many of the same aspects as the first in the series but adding a lot of nice changes. Some of these being updated visual graphics, quality gameplay and of course expert storytelling. The quality of this game is one of the best, stacking up with some of the other heavyweight games that are often known to be the best like “Skyrim.” Having a different story arc than offered in the first game is a strong suit as it was crafted to have a similar play style but a new set of characters, locations and ideas. 

Red Barrels Inc. created the “Outlast” series as well as an online comic that really bring new original content to a increasingly content recycling industry. Many of the highlights from the first “Outlast” were brought over but with new mechanics implemented they can often leave a player feeling unsatisfied to say the least. 

The story of “Outlast 2” has the player as Blake Langermann, a cameraman who with his wife Lynn, investigate a town in the wilderness of Arizona called Temple Gate. However, this is no ordinary town. It was started by a man named Sullivan Knoth and his fanatical group of cultists preparing for the end of the world. On the helicopter flight you lose power and crash. Which leaves you to wake up to a ruined helicopter, your wife missing and seeing your pilot has been tortured. Then the game begins as you descend into Temple Gate and the hellscape it holds.

While still having smooth gameplay and similar mechanics as the first “Outlast,” this sequel does bring some frustrating mechanics. The survival horror genre that this falls into is pushed to the extreme with more enemies and more places to hide. The first game had simplicity but elegance in its enemies and hiding places that were overlooked with the sequel. The flair and writing of the story is on par with the first, keeping you immersed in the world of Temple Gate. 

The new updated graphics adds a nice touch to the “Outlast” series as well as some new puzzles, more challenging than the first. Though not perfect, this game definitely shows quality original content is being produced and should be played by fans of horror or action genres, or just good storytelling. 

“Outlast 2” has some great new graphics to offer players, and a terrifying story to tell. But it does have some mechanical gameplay issues regarding over complicating aspects of survival and hiding that should have stayed closer to its grandfathered content.