After 26 year hiatus ‘Twin Peaks’ makes its return on Showtime

Twin Peaks, the hit, cult television show of the 90s, is finally getting a new season. After 26 years of waiting perhaps the cliff hanger at the end of the last episode will finally be followed up. The show returns only one year late from the erie promise from the deceased Laura Palmer in the show. It is set to air this coming this coming Sunday the 21st on Showtime. 

Many of the original cast from the show will be returning including the eccentric FBI special agent Dale Cooper played by Kyle MacLachlan. The first seasons of Twin Peaks focused on his character surrounding the investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer. This upcoming season I’m sure is going to portray how his character has developed over the last 25 years. Also hopefully answering some questions about the surprising plot twist that took place at the end of the last episode of the season involving Agent Cooper. 

When this show ended on June 10, 1991 there was a outrage on the ending that still exists too this day with little satisfying answers. Hopefully this new season will bring some light on the mysteries surrounding the Twin Peaks universe. David Lynch who was the original shows director and Mark Frost who did a lot of work surrounding the lore of Twin Peaks created this new season together. This sets high hopes for continuity between the previous seasons and the new upcoming installment.

By all accounts Twin Peaks is a different kind of show both stylistically and in its genre but definitely worth a watch. It will be an interesting dynamic to see the television show from the 1990s be redone with modern technology and changed styles. It is not too late to check out all of the previous episodes of Twin Peaks which are available on Netflix for you to get ready for the new season.