Pond releases "The Weather"



Chill the senses and let Pond’s latest album take you down the rabbit hole of the odd and sonically pleasing. Formed in Western Australia, the psychedelic rock band known as Pond began making music in 2008 and features a revolving line-up of members with whom it shares fellow Australian rock band, Tame Impala.

Originally an idea for a band to get anyone they wanted to play whatever they wanted in a collaborative music project, Pond spiraled musically out of control to the group they are now, along the way releasing music somewhat consistently from 2009 to present day.

Pond, proving to be full of a plethora of projects, doesn't know when or how to quit when it comes to their content.

In 2009 they released such projects as “Psychedelic Mango,” and “Corridors of Blissterday,” as well as the following year, the album “Frond.” In 2012, they released their critically acclaimed “Beards, Wives, Denim” project, as well as “Hobo Rocket” the following year. The year 2015 bore the album “Man It Feels Like Space Again,” and now, just two years later, we have their latest album, titled simply, “The Weather.”

On the opening track “30000 Megatons,” Pond commences the album with a soft, angelic synth that peacefully carries the listener through lyrics that depict a darker, ulterior meaning.

“There’s 30,000 megatons pointed at her/ and him and you and me and everyone we serve/ I look out at the mirror, look out at the world/ 30,000 megatons is just what we deserve,” they say, commenting on the absurdity of human life.

Pond begins the album with this satirically nihilist track to poke fun at the inevitable suffocation and destruction that follows the human-race’s quest of progression and how we might as well end it all now before we keep making these same mistakes.

Picking up in beat but following suit on satire, the album’s single “Sweep Me Off My Feet” portrays Pond playing with the same ironic constructs. Here, instead of saying we are deserving of a 30,000 megaton bomb, Pond posits that, as tormented as we might be, we are all still deserving of love.

“Someone sweep me off of my feet/ I am not an angel, I’m barely a man/ I’m lonely but I’m here, baby understand,” they say over the bold drums that seem to go out of their way in regards to being noticed, accompanied by a beautiful synthesizer that hums unaware in seamless descents and escalations.

As the track comes to a close, it transitions the listener to a place feeling like that of a sunny, tropical paradise in the all-vibed-out track, “Paint Me Silver.”

The synth that is crafted here feels symbiotic with a feeling only described as one you acquire as a tourist in a foreign country, wherein the majestic presence of discovery defies all prior expectations beautifully. The listener, in this place unknown, is needlessly happy to be there as Pond paints the picture of this beautiful confusion, “I never know what to do, babe/ but that’s nothing new, babe/ I’m the champion of the few, babe,” they say.

This entire album is the perfect audible accompaniment to get lost in, whether there is time to kill or if you’re looking for an album to do psychedelic drugs to this summer.