Kesha luminates with "Rainbow"

Kesha’s presence in pop culture has been prevalent since her breakout party anthem, “Tik Tok” in 2009. However, the singer’s life since her 2012 album, “Warrior,” has been anything but “Rainbows,” coincidently the title of her newest, most emotional album yet.

  Released on Aug. 11, the four-year wait mirrored a rocky road regarding her mental health and artistic freedom. In January of 2014 she was admitted into rehab, reportedly for anorexia and bulimia; while in October of the same year the public witnessed the issuing of her sexual assault lawsuit against former producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. Kesha’s desire to make positive and progressive changes after treatment in both her personal and professional life came down to an ultimate rebrand: dropping her trademark “$.” 

The reborn pop singer teased her fans prior to the album’s full release by dropping the single “Praying” in July; her first in four years. The single, along with the music video, pulls at one’s heartstrings with an outpour of vulnerable emotion in Kesha’s voice. Even though “Praying” and the other songs on her album are very personal to her situation, the lyrics are universal for those who have gone through hardships in life and have gotten to a stage of feeling empathy for the root of the cause; whether that be another individual or situation. Kesha expressed the meaning behind “Praying” saying it is “about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”

“Woman” is one of the few songs on Kesha’s new album that seems to be an ode to the overtly unique and glittery popstar. The song itself is a head-banging, fist-pumping tune that could easily become an anthem for any girl-squad or the theme song for a fun girl’s night out. 

It embraces a woman’s ability to be her own supporter as well as portraying that women do not need a man to help them financially. If the goal of “Woman” was to boost women’s self-confidence, Kesha nailed it. “So boys don’t go buying her a drink or calling her honey, you know Kesha makes her own money.” Kesha sings.   

“Rainbow” has had a lot of success since its release, charting #1 on Billboard and becoming a highlight and major milestone for the singer whose old music had glitter factory pop roots. 

Through this album, she not only reveals her growth as a person but as an artist; showing vulnerability and raw emotion never seen before. However, fans of “old Kesha” will be pleased with the hints of her quirky, sparkly-pop self that can be heard in the songs “Woman” and “Godzilla.”

Even though the songs on “Rainbow” mingle and start to blur most areas of the music spectrum one thing is very clear, Kesha has found her voice once more and is stronger than ever.