Crushing the competition

Gamers! Get ready for the next evolution of gaming, and the most powerful console the world has ever seen, the Xbox-One-X. The new Powerhouse of a console hits stores Nov. 7, as Microsoft looks to finally blow its competitors like the Sony PS4-Pro, out of the water in terms of power and capability.

Microsoft’s very first attempt to get into the gaming console market dates back to  2001, with the release of the original Xbox. In the 16 years the company has been creating gaming consoles, Microsoft has continuously set the standard for online-matchmaking, dedicated servers,  and  interactivity; where players play with and talk to friends over Xbox Live. The Xbox consoles have always been fierce competitors to Sony’s PlayStation consoles, with one main flaw: PlayStation has continually had smoother and better looking gameplay than Xbox over the years, leaving some fans disappointed in the past, that is all about to change.

Today, the Xbox-One stands as a force to be reckoned with in the console gaming industry.  The One-X looks to dominate the future with Microsoft’s continued expansion of exclusive playable titles, all-in-one entertainment features, and impressive new performance power; gamers are in for an exciting new treat.

           The new console has a classy black design with attention to detail and flawless craftsmanship, allowing it to be the sleekest next-gen console to date. Far more compact than the PS4-Pro and Xbox-One-S alike, a brand new, custom 8-core AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, allows the console to have faster processing, enhanced AI, real world detail and smoother gameplay. Along with a new processor comes a 12GB GDDR5 graphic memory, bringing bigger game worlds and much faster loading times. But it continues to get better; with a massive six Teraflop GPU, games will have much more immersive worlds, and smoother animation, with life-like environments and characters.

With all the new upgrades, the console will finally support true 4K HDR gaming, something gamers felt cheated out of with the release of the current-gen Xbox One. But what does 4K HDR actually do if you want full effects of the new console?  Besides force you to buy a new television that supports it, that is. 4K is ultra high definition which will run at a true 60 frames per second, allowing the games to run smoother and sharper. Partnered with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which has a higher contrast ratio between light and dark colors, richer colors, and an increased visual depth of the games, you’ll feel the true power of the One-X.

With conviction, the console will be compatible with everything for the current-gen Xbox-One, and will even play games, in digital format, from the very first Xbox. All of these games will be enhanced to play even better on the new console. If you are an owner of both an Xbox and PS4, then you know that Xbox has the more advanced multiplayer network with a much better sense of community among gamers, reliability of servers, and great monthly free games. With a price tag sitting at $499.99, start saving because it is coming quick!