Lil Dicky unleashes Brain


Lil Dicky’s “Brain” launched its rap career in the most random, yet entertaining EP the Hip-Hop industry has ever seen. Born David Burd in March of 1988 in Pennsylvania, Lil Dicky is an American comedian and rapper who quickly rose to fame following the success of his 2013 mix-tape, “So Hard.” In Nov. of 2013, a kick-starter aimed at collecting $70,000 for Dicky to continue making music and videos, reached a total of $113,000, allowing him to go on tour and release his debut studio album, “Professional Rapper” in July of 2015.

This is where we first meet Brain, who serves as comedic relief in Dicky’s 11-minute track, “Pillow Talking.” It’s not until April of 2017 that we finally get to see Brain, with the release of the track’s music video. Brain is the living embodiment of Dicky’s mind, giving insight into Dicky’s creative thought process and his rhymes. Leaving fans pleased and wanting more, Dicky delivers with the new EP released Sept. 14 titled “I’m Brain.”

Brain brings a completely unexpected twist to the rap-game, and it is clear Dicky is using this project as a way to send a message. Dicky’s rapping style, which he often discusses in interviews,  is in response to the over-the-top egotistical nature that today’s rap embodies. He understands his unconventional sound isn't for everyone, and uses it to his advantage. His new 7-track project reflects it, but if you are a fan of Dicky, you will appreciate his impressive flow, lyrical prowess and creative genius behind his character, Brain.

Although technically Brain’s project, he once again serves as comedic relief, portraying a stoner persona who has basic flows with rhymes that are mostly random. He then lets Dicky take the lead with the heavy lyricism and flows. Brain’s randomness mirrors a story through the tracklist; so the EP should be played in numerical order to best understood.

At face value, most fans of today’s hip-hop will overlook this project as stupid, or trash, but when you really engage and dive into the music you’ll notice the production and sound of the audio is clean, the beats are pretty hard, and Dicky periodically spits bars laced with comedic metaphors.

There are a few notable songs that can hold up on their own, the first being “Cocaine.” In the song, Dicky is peer pressured by a woman to try the substance, but trying to play it cool, opts to try MDMA instead. Brain enters the track when the substance starts to kick in and wonders why Dicky took is in the first place, causing him to ruin his chances with the woman.

In “How Can You Sleep?” a standout track, and the single the whole project flows towards, Dicky asks Brain if he can do it without him. Dicky wants to go really hard, really bad without Brain and suggests that Brain will be the DJ Khaled, or executive producer, of the track and can pick the artists. Brain picks west coast veteran The Game, and he and Dicky absolutely go in on the track. Here we see Dicky take a completely serious approach, and takes shots at anyone who thinks he is not a real rapper, or is not good enough to hang with the rest of them.

In full perspective this project comes off as corny at first, but you have to remember that it is just Dicky’s style  If you just enjoy hip-hop and need a good laugh, go check out this EP.